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    Sprite Might Assets - RPG Maker XP

    @SpiderMilkshake Man it's been awhile since I've had a chance to post here! Been busy setting up a 'game' on deviantart, and I'm hoping to take it further here on the RPG Maker forum at some point. But guess what! Hee! I took that test in your signature instead of working----you know...
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    Sprite Might - Sketches

    @NeoFantasy Hey thanks! I'm definitely thinking of doing more sketches in this style. I've always loved the shiny-eyed style of shojo mangas.
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    Sprite Might - Sketches

    Hey everyone! It's been awhile, huh? I was going through some old artwork and found a bunch that had my old 'anime' style! It made me want to sketch some anime characters this month! Below is just a collection of some of the random doodles of faces that I liked the most. I really liked the...
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    1926 - Metropolis [Demo v. 0.8]

    Hmm.... I'm so sorry for your loss! I'll see what I can do to help.
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    Sprite Might - Sketches

    @Starmage You think so? I'm actually really psyched that you liked the idea! If I do it I'll post it to Youtube and put it under the title 'SpriteMight - Real Fake Games'. Hey if it takes off, I wouldn't mind making more of them! Hahha!
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    Sprite Might - Sketches

    @Zealraid Thank you! I'm glad you like them! I love to draw derpy animals. I'll be adding more sketches next month. @Starmage Hahah! Thank you, I really loved these guys! The MLP sketch was actually part of a bigger project that I ended up putting on the back burner. I was kinda bummed about...
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    Hmm... Hi!

    Hiya! Welcome to the RPG Maker forums! :kaojoy:
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    Sprite Might Assets - RPG Maker 2003

    @starlight dream Thank you! The baby is healthy and happy, and I'm really fascinated with watching her grow. In just 2 months she's so much bigger than when she was first born! I'm like "WOOOO-AH!" when I look at how chubby she is in comparison to her first days. She's even more vocal too! It's...
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    Spider's Batch o' Resources for XP

    These are very awesome!! Your style would be great in a mobile game, because of how clean the coloring is. You can easily cut up the still images into pieces you can animate, like a paper doll or Flash style. I especially really like your icons! I love cute things! Keep up the good work!
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    Sprite Might Assets - RPG Maker XP

    @RocketKnight Hey thanks!! I'm just trying to get back into doing projects again. Slowly getting there! :kaopride: It just sucks that I had to put practically everything on hold for the last 3-4 months. I still need to go through my Deviantart and ******* and clean up my sites and think about...
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    Sprite Might Assets - RPG Maker 2003

    @Leon Kennedy Yeah, 2003 was pretty much my first ever RPG Maker on the PC, and I have a soft spot for it. So, I am surprised that there aren't that many resources available after all these years. Guess, I'll just continue on with what I had originally planned. I want to make at least one...
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    Finally! Posted some new icon pics for XP and 2003! More to come!

    Finally! Posted some new icon pics for XP and 2003! More to come!
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    Sprite Might - Sketches

    @EnyaShinji You know that's something that I might consider in the future! I wouldn't mind using the characters I already made for 2003 and XP. I've grown pretty attached to them. @Applesaws Aww! Thank you!
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    Sprite Might Assets - RPG Maker XP

    Heyo!! Just posted some icon sprites to my 2003 thread, and I'm also going to be posting them here on the XP thread. I'm a bit late with this update and I had to compromise with getting just these few sprites out instead of the bigger set I originally wanted. I'll be adding them to the library...
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    Sprite Might Assets - RPG Maker 2003

    @Leon Kennedy Thanks! Your work is really awesome too! I really love the cars! (Which reminds me that I have to finish a car sprite for a friend.) Any suggestions for some sprites you'd like to see more of?

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