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  • You were asking for a plugin for individual actor item inventory. This will do that but it's in Japanese so you may need to use a translator:
    Ok so since I've been kind of blabby lately I've decided to limit my thread posting quite a bit. From now, on each month, I will have only FOUR thread posts-one post each week, because despite my sparkling personality and the fact people generally really like me on here, 80 posts in four months has probably been TOO MUCH for most of you. It also was probably really annoying to some of you, so yeah-that's fixed now.
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    @kyonides I'm being serious-believe me. Besides, I just got put on even stronger ADHD medicine so that'll help. Oh well. I'm sure in time you'll eventually believe me, hopefully sometime before we all get old and die.
    Probably going to wait until October to start posting my own threads again. For now all I am doing is responding to others' posts.
    Ok waiting until October is a little bit extreme. I'll start posting threads again mid-September, one per week, four per month. That way I won't be cluttering this place up, because I think I remember it being at the point that all of my threads were EVERYWHERE and everyone had trouble finding anyone else's.
    Hi everyone. Just wanted to let all you other Zelda fans know that I am NOT racist against Deku Scrubs. All Deku Scrubs are welcome.
    Hi everyone. Currently I'm not in a relationship, but should I ever have an announcement that I'm engaged or I'm getting married or some other really important announcement like that I'll be sure to let you all know.
    @TESTOSTERONE That sounds like a stalker.

    Ok for context I wasn't talking about his specific situation-just that if you're obsessed with somebody and have them be the love interest of your game when they're not interested in you that is kind of stalker-y. Sorry if that was confusing, everyone.
    @SpyroFan67, that's how I met my GF, work. Which is both a blessing and a curse. You get to see them a lot, but if we break up (hopefully not), it could get a wee bit awkward.
    @TRIDIUM Yeah.....my uncle met his wife through their church, so I guess you basically could meet one anywhere, actually.
    Adding another mechanic to my Spyro RPG game-item synthesis using the Yanfly plugin for it. I'm going to make it so Cynder and Spyro and Sparx can all collect items to make magic potions and food that will level them up and heal injuries, as well as poisons to use on enemies in battle (for example, take some Black Widow spider venom and combine it with some spider silk in a bottle, and you get a poison potion).
    I would much rather have Activision and
    Spyro and all that be shut down and gone than have
    those people get away with this, as hard as that
    would be for me, but I'm not going to be selfish about
    this. This-this (ethics)-is MUCH more important than
    any franchise. I just hope if Spyro gets sold to another
    company that that IP treats women at the company better
    than this one did.
    The IP, intellectual property, would be Spyro in this case.
    @ATT_Turan Oh yeah LOL I made it sound like the character did that what am I saying? He had nothing do with this! XD

    Ok, I meant I hope that the company that acquires that IP treats women better. Oh my God LOL....
    You know, everyone, as much as I love Spyro, I
    really wish any company other than Activision owned
    him. I mean, I love him, and I'll always love him, but still
    the chauvinistic behavior and mistreatment of female
    employees displayed by male employees at Activision
    disgusts me.
    @AquaEcho No the problem was with both of them even after they merged and from what I heard they kept more than half of them-didn't they? Ugh...I'm confused.
    I don't know all the details, just what was in the news, which I don't really trust in general as it is curated to push certain narratives. However, I can believe Activision Blizzard just fired the worst offenders and not all of them either for business reasons or they thought they could be remediated with employee training. I don't work there so I don't know.
    @AquaEcho Well I guess if there's still a problem Microsoft is going to have to mop up this mess personally when they take over Activision then.
    You know what? I'm done complaining about
    the 420-word limit; everyone else has to comply
    with it too, so yeah-I'm done complaining about it
    now. I was being an entitled Kevin with my earlier
    post that used to be here, so yeah-done complaining
    about the 420-word limit now. Permanently. It's just
    not worth all that negative energy.
    Ok so I guess that if I just type all the way over to the other side of the screen like this it makes it easier to read right? XD

    (Seriously please tell me it does)
    Yes, much easier to read
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    Ok, so apparently we were all wrong to assume Raindrop717's Spyro sprites on DeviantArt were stolen from the original creator Aron Dream. Just looked at the original posting for the sprites on Steam Community.com and he said it was ok to edit, repost and re-distribute the sprites as long as it was for non-commercial uses.
    @Ms Littlefish Oh ok. That makes sense. Still, I'm
    a nice guy, so I was hoping I didn't offend anyone.
    You didn't offend me, but I do find it deliciously ironic that you of all people accused anyone of jumping to illogical conclusions without proof, considering the kind of topics you often post. :p
    @Trihan Yeah I do have a tendency to
    make assumptions without facts, don't I?
    I really need to stop that. It's dumb.
    If you do still use your age I highly recommend
    you did what I did when I still did, and make the birthdate on your profile
    fake. Not your age, just the date of your birthday. Make it the same year
    but a fake birthdate.
    I just found out that putting out your age on the Internet isn't
    exactly safe, so I have decided to remove my age from my profile.
    The birthday on there of course was completely fake, but I still have
    decided to make how old I am anonymous. Everyone on here and who
    is friends with me already knows how old I am by now, anyway, not that
    it ever mattered or really makes a difference in my or anyone else's life.
    It said on my profile I was born at least two decades
    later than that but I'm not going to give that information
    out anymore because the US government and military
    warned Americans not to tell people how old they are
    online because it's somehow a safety issue so I am heeding
    their warnings.
    I say this with the utmost respect and concern, but my observation of you on the basis of the threads you post has been that you are very gullible and far too easy to manipulate. You see one vague nebulous claim of something on the internet or TV and immediately post here to warn us all.
    You used your daily amount of profile posts. :p
    Really, it was better to just keep it all here.
    Being gullible isn't a sin, it just means you don't have enough experience in the real world. Yet, it doesn't mean that everything other forumers told you there is more accurate than what you posted. You could see that there are conflicting studies or reports online about how profitable games are.

    Ok, so currently I'm playing "Toy Story" for the Super Nintendo on an emulator.
    I'm inside the inner workings of the Claw Machine and according to the game
    the inner workings of those machines are filled with giant fuse boxes that say "Danger!", enormous capacitors, huge exploding batteries, gears, platforms that move up and down, and gigantic fans. Yeah, I think not.
    This is probably much more like the inside of the Infernal Machine
    from Indiana Jones than the inside of your typical arcade claw machine.
    There's no way they could fit all this crap in one of those!
    Ugh! I've always hated thunderstorms, but I hate
    them even more now. A lightning surge hit a power
    line somewhere near my house and knocked out
    the power. It shut my computer down and everything,
    so I had to reboot it. Ugh.....luckily the power was only
    out for a few seconds.
    Making multiple retro video game commercial-related posts
    today. It's my way of making up for promising the public
    on here some retro gaming commercials, and not delivering
    when I said I was going to. I'll try to post at least one each
    day. :smile:
    Wow. Apparently me and Sonic The Hedgehog
    are of the same mind, because just like him, I
    really love chili dogs. From Sonic, ironically
    (Sonic the American fast food chain not the
    character, although I like him too).
    I wouldn't trust the chili at Sonic to be gluten-free.
    Yeah another reason why I don't eat them anymore.
    If you love sonic as much as Spyro, you might be better off making a sonic game. Did you know Sega has real cool terms for their assets?

    In easy words it says:
    "You can do with out stuff whatever you want, as long as you share if for free. But if you make something really pretty and worth selling, then Sega is the only company that is allowed to sell it, and you are not."

    It's pretty much the opposite of Nintendo.
    Ugh...my stomach. I have painful cramps
    and a lot of gas trapped in my intestine;
    been farting all day. Hoping that by tomorrow
    the pain will be less. I ate two granola nut bars
    and my stomach is sensitive to hard stuff like that.
    Never having another granola bar for the rest of
    my life. Seriously. Never again......I'll recover, though.
    Did the last two times this happened.
    We‘re family here so here there be over sharing. My son has issues with too much dairy. He jokes that he would make a terrible spy because he would give up the nuclear launch codes if they threaten him with too much dairy. Or insects of any kind. He is an insectophobe.
    No cramps today; feeling much better, but thank you.
    I don't see why gas is considered "oversharing" it legitimately hurts. It's not not saying "oh, I pissed blood today" or whatever.
    Today I started up online college classes again after taking a month-long break.
    It's a music class. Had to read four chapters in my online textbook today. I got
    three of them done. I'm taking a half-hour break before I finish up the last one.
    Busy busy busy......when I finally graduate it'll be worth it, though.

    Ok an update-finished all my schoolwork for today,
    now going to browse the web and enjoy myself.
    I wish Bubsy The Bobcat was real so I could kick him in the balls!
    I mean I love all the classic video game characters like Sonic and
    Mario and Luigi and Spyro and all that because those are all GOOD
    characters; when it comes to hated video game characters from
    franchises that sucked, I hate them with the burning passion of
    a thousand blazing suns.
    I know. But it would be SO fun and satisfying to do that if he was real. XD
    Any '90s kids on here remember that horrible
    "Awesome Possum" game by Tengen? Oh my
    freaking God I can't stand that game! I played it
    with the goal of proving how bad it was by being
    able to beat it. I got stuck on the underwater
    world. Kept getting Game Over over and over
    Normally with any other game being a
    completionist I would keep trying, but the gameplay
    itself and the experience of playing it were torturing
    me the entire time and by that time I just couldn't take
    it anymore so I said "screw it" and gave up. Probably
    for the better; probably saved at least a few brain cells
    Well guys I finally figured out what's wrong with my Internet. Turns out the reason it's been so glitchy and every website I'm on the pages keep freezing up is because it's a problem with the Google Chrome browser and everyone's having trouble with it who uses Chrome, so I got rid of it. Now I'm using Opera instead, and it's working great.
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    @Ms Littlefish Sorry, I wasn't thinking they were. I just
    was saying I'm sick of (I mean bored with) talking about this, and besides,
    nobody seems to believe me so there's no reason for me to try to persuade
    them, not that I even care anyway. That's all. :p
    Def wasn't saying I didn't believe you were having issues.

    Like many things when looking online: The only people you ever see reporting issues are the vocal minority with problems.
    For those who is it working for there is nothing wrong so nothing to say about it. (silent majority)

    (Sorry, but I view these things from a troubleshooting/tech support point of view; work moving into the hobby environment sucks!)
    @Ahuramazda I thought you and everyone was saying you didn't
    believe me that a lot of people were having trouble with that
    particular browser, but I didn't honestly care that much about
    that to be completely frank. It's no big deal.
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The distraction would be a life saver.

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