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    Tactics System 1.2.1 (Tactical Battle System)

    You can turn off the CombatScene Plugin and that will allow you to battle without side view animation.
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    Tactics System 1.2.1 (Tactical Battle System)

    I did as instructed and teseted it in 1280x720. Worked perfectly. You are awesome :kaoluv:
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    Tactics System 1.2.1 (Tactical Battle System)

    Thank you!!! Now if there was only a way to fix the screen from shaking and mouse becoming unusable due to a change in game resolution from 816x624 to anything higher like 1280x720. I really love your Plugin its awesome :kaoluv:.
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    Tactics System 1.2.1 (Tactical Battle System)

    I managed to fix the issue. It was YEP_CoreEngine Lines 2753-2774. I deleted these lines from Yep_CoreEngine and now it works. Not sure if there is a better way or not. //============================================================================= // Window_BattleLog...
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    Tactics System 1.2.1 (Tactical Battle System)

    Hi not sure if this has been noted but cant find any info about it. Seems YEP_CoreEngine stops on screen animations with Tactics System 1.1 when you use a skill, not sure if there is a work around or something i can do to fix it?

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