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    RMXP Chrono Trigger Is it possible? Help!!!

    So if my team and I wanted the Chrono Trigger combat system, should we use RMVXA or RMMV? In which one is it easier to transcribe RMXP scripts? Because we need (and we want) Vision Sensor Script and Breakable Weapons Script.
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    RMXP Chrono Trigger Is it possible? Help!!!

    CHRONO TRIGGER I tried this jewel, for me the biggest in the crown, if not the crown itself when it comes to RPG video games, when I was about 5 years old. I played it 30 minutes and lost it, because I was playing it on an Xbox emulator that had multiple Snes games. But they were enough for...
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    [RMXP] Problem with Tileset Import

    Hello Maker! Thanks for stopping to read my post. The following happens: I understand that the Tilesets in RPG Maker XP are 256x sizes ??? Whatever you want long, and each tile is 32x32. The problem is that I downloaded some resources, they were not at 256, but at 96. I opened Photoshop, I...

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