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  • hi i would like to know if you could help me i am looking for resources for the character generator
    I need medieval clothes, demon horns
    Please post in Resource Requests.
    how is it done yesterday I looked for about an hour for the section to publish in the resources section but I did not find it in case I did not mention it before English is not my native language and it is difficult for me to understand this it could explain to me how to publish it in the section of the forum that it mentions ?
    Click on the "post thread" button in the top right corner when you are in the resource request section.
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I decided to rework my main character's portrait and logo at the same time....

Honestly I was going to use a lot more yellow in the game along with red and white to represent characters.... But yellow really is just like.... the ugliest color in the color pie. So er... I'm going to use blues/purples in place of it. :LZSwink:
XwwX OMG! Only 4 more weeks till I can leave my crappy job and never ever go back! I am SO freaking excited!!!
Sometimes, it's so hard to resist
"this boss is too easy, what if I add more gimmicks". Then I remember most of my players might be already dying fighting the boss.
You certainly should show love and recognition to teammates who have achieved great success! Congrats Eli!
Just 2 Days of no Internet and I made more Progress in my Game than last 2 Weeks combined. Now I know, Internet makes me a Lazy person.. :D

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