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    Online Plugin Support

    Yes, this would be great. The majority of systems that have "extensions" or "plugins" do this. Think of most browsers, or programs like Joomla and Wordpress. Most have automatic plugin installers and most have automatic updates as well. For a long time I've really wished they would put the...
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    Eclisia (Demo Version)

    Hey @Yothewal, I attempted to do a "Let's Play" of the demo of your game but for some reason it only recorded the Audio and not the Video of the game play so its kind of useless. :(  I've done these before but I have been on a long break and just trying to get back into them again. Apparently I...
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    Poll: Console Use

    I selected "Other" because I don't have any of the "current gen" consoles and still don't have any reason to. I have a PS3, Wii, and XBox 360. Along with some older consoles that you obviously won't care about! But yeah I don't really see a need to upgrade. There's a lot of games I'd like but I...
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    Forum Store Purchases Transfer

    Me either! I personally am not in any rush, I just would like the piece of mind that if something happened to my HDD I could redownload things in the future.
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    Season Pass - DLC 3 Sneak Peek

    I agree! It looks awesome but to me it doesn't seem to fit in with the RTP. I feel like there is too much detail in the train. Actually it seems like the floor tile and the train are both off color-wise compared to the palette of the RTP which has the overly vibrant saturated color scheme. Very...
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    Wow! I saw part of it and I was loving it. I love Aisha Tyler so that might be part of it... 

    Wow! I saw part of it and I was loving it. I love Aisha Tyler so that might be part of it... 
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    I want to try doing Let's Play videos again. Anybody want/need feedback on their game and don't...

    I want to try doing Let's Play videos again. Anybody want/need feedback on their game and don't mind it being on video?
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    PH - Quest Book

    The new version is awesome, PrimeHover! Love being able to add new categories. Now the system can not only be a questbook but a bestiary and item library as well!
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    PH - Quest Book

    @PrimeHover I love this plugin! It's much easier to handle and maintain than some of the other quest books on here. I don't know if you are still updating or taking feature requests but I thought I might leave a request just in case: it would be awesome if you could allow us to add additional...
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    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    I'm so excited about the script that is supposed to be released tomorrow! :D :) ! Yanfly is the best!  :rock-left: (Yes, that's it, no support needed, just a note of thanks!)
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    RPG Maker MV 1.2.0 Update!

    If you have the Steam version how does the updating work? What folders should be copy/pasted to existing projects to make sure you have the latest generator and resource files?
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    Improving the Zoom in, Zoom Out Buttons

    I definitely agree that improvement to the Zoom function would be helpful as per @Blue001's post. I was just making a thread about this when I saw this one and was going to make the same suggestion @Liak posted. I Here is my unposted post since it makes more sense here, I think:
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    Smart Pathfinding

    @Shaz That was it! (Of course that was it, you're the creator of the plugin...) Thank you for the help. I'm not for the scientific method so I got rid of the table, changed the command syntax I was using, and put in a long wait and it is working now so I'm not sure what fixed it (but probably a...
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    Smart Pathfinding

    Hi Shaz, I cannot get this plugin to work at all. I don't know what I'm doing wrong! I named it SmartPath.js and placed it in the JS folder and activated it like any other plugin. I have even disabled all my other plugins (if "turning them off" should stop any plugin conflicts?) It just skips...
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    Debug Tool

    I'm testing cutscenes on my game and was wondering about some of the debug tools available. Is there any way to stop an event if I accidentally set it to AutoRun and it keeps on playing because I didn't set a self switch? Is there any way to proceed when the game freezes due to passability...

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