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    RMMV Starship Hope

    It's been a few weeks since I updated this thread, so I figured it was about time. Content for Chapter 1 is now in the game and being tested. There are some placeholders still for some of the graphics that'll need to be updated and lots of room for improvements on the Sprites but all intended...
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    RMMV Starship Hope

    I hadn't updated this with any progress in a while - I don't have a new demo ready yet, but I do have some new content / game changes to share: First - Hope's new bridge, both in standard condition "Green" and "Red Alert" Status: Notes: View Screens are animated here to try give a better feel...
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    RMMV Starship Hope

    So I learned a lot from the prototype version I've been posting so far. So much that it was worthwhile to update the version of leTBS I was using and start trying to really update the games visuals. I'm still going to need an artists help to get that last mile of game play but I think the...
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    RMMV Starship Hope

    Working on updating the main character sprites - admittedly I don't have a lot of artistic experience but I felt the game was in need of a bit more pop visually. Here is the currently re-done version of the Captain:
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    TRADE Hexilith Needs a Programmer/Designer (Art for code!)

    I'd be interested in a trade - I would be able to provide programming services for art. I'm already using a tactical battle system in my game (in fact I'm specifically using the *same* one you mention in the post) and I'm in need of art / feedback for my own game!
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    RMMV Starship Hope

    Thanks for the suggestion! I don't think I'd use an ammo system for most of the options in the game, but I can think of a few ideas where some specific weapons having ammo might add some spice to the game! I'll experiment with them in a future module
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    So, I seem to be having trouble making my game... fun?

    I think the key is probably to get feedback from someone who isn't familiar with your game. You're right that a lot of the fun of the old school adventure game comes from *discovery* and problem solving. As you are probably testing the game all the time, this kills the source of fun. If you...
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    Credits and how to remember them

    I keep track of my credits in a readme file - any time I download a new plugin or free piece of art etc I add it to the list. As far as in game, I put the credits in the Opening Sequence so they can't be missed. Once my game is finished I'll put them at the end as well - but I think making...
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    RMMV Starship Hope

    So I spent some time this week updating some of the graphical elements of the game and cleaning a few things up. I recorded a video showing the entire "First Chapter" of the gameplay or at least one branch of it as different choices change certain events. Anyway, please enjoy this demo video -...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    These are some example maps from a Sci Fi Game I'm working on. Any feedback would be appreciated. Ship's Bridge A Research Lab for Experimenting on Alien Creatures A Dormitory on a Scientific Research Station A Bazaar Located inside a Space Station
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    TRADE Dark Horizon - (Need Artist, Programmer, Writer)

    As a developer I'd be interesting in a possible skill trade here. I haven't had a chance to test your game as I'm on Linux (and at work) so I'll do that later. Also I'd want some further details about the game and how you intend to manage its creation. In regards to the trade, my own work...
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    RMMV Starship Hope

    I'm adding a download link for the game - this is still a prototype and there are a few known defects that exist in this copy. Most of them are minor spelling errors that I missed on my first pass as well the Skill Purchase Vendor still being a placeholder. I'm planning on making a video of...
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    The Need for Experience and Levels

    I think this is the most important take away from this thread. It's ok to put your player in a "Skinner Box", as long they don't feel like that's what's happening. If your progression system feels like a grind it needs to be tweaked. If players *have* to grind to complete the content it should...
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    RMMV Bones of Contention

    I tried your game, here are my thoughts: The character creation UX is a bit bland and needs some work. If this is just a placeholder than cool, but maybe add some explanation regarding the classes and such so I know what I'm choosing from. I might be in the minority, but I like the Skill...
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    TRADE Starship Hope - Need Artist

    Synopsis: Game Play: Starship Hope is is hybrid Tactical / traditional jRPG set in the far future. Hope currently has the following features: Tactical Battle System powered by leTBS Plugin (with some small modifications to fix some defects). This is used whenever the crew themselves in...

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