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    Weapon Variance Plugin?

    Hmm, that seems like something I can think about more but I do plan on a large set of weapons and a set limit of skills the player will be able to equip. Glad to have some input though, much thanks!
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    Weapon Variance Plugin?

    You know how there is damage variance on skills right? I was wondering if you can shut that off on skills and enable that to certain weapons having their own variance? I could have subtituted this with just seperating sword skills variance value from other weapon skills variance value but I want...
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    Yanfly Row Formation Help

    Yanfly's Row Formation Plugin: I was wondering if it would it possible to give even more bonuses/states to all allies if certain actors are placed in a certain formation with Yanfly's Row Formation plugin? Example: [Row 1] [Row 2] [Row...

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