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    Stat Point System

    I only checked the forums. I was not even aware of the plugin repository. I will include it in my future searches. Thank you  ᴆᴀřᴋ ᴆᴈᴋᴉᴦᴀ  :D  
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    Stat Point System

    So I have been looking and I am just not finding my answer. I am looking see if there is a way to have the player assign points to stats when a character levels up.  This idea just came to me and I figure I could see if anyone has had the same idea. Maybe even let me know how it turned out...
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    Multi-elemental damage

    I am not sure I have seen one. It would be fun to see one. I know a few times in my game it would work out well.
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    My towns are slowly coming together.

    My towns are slowly coming together.
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    WHAT?!?! Its all good. There are still plenty of great games out there.

    WHAT?!?! Its all good. There are still plenty of great games out there.
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    free music given out on i-tunes and rpg maker

    I think even if you download free music you need to get permission to use it in a commercial game.
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    RPG Maker MV Game Making Drive

    Shinju Fortuna, those are very cool.  Very well done. I would like to report that I got my town all done, but some computer issues has taken it down. Lost all my stuff. Had to reinstall it all and start from scratch over the weekend. Well maybe it is a good thing. I think I was thinking to big...
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    how to unseal skill types

    How do they learn skills? Is it by gaining levels or is it by other means?
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    I just realized there was an Introduction forum...

    Welcome Jeff!! :rock-left:   :rock-right:
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    You lucky!

    You lucky!
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    JC's Retro Game Tunes

    Thanks, I will have to take a look at it once I get home.
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    Sweet. Keep stalking.

    Sweet. Keep stalking.
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    Then you will have taxes taken out! Woot!

    Then you will have taxes taken out! Woot!
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    Must stop playing Fallout 4 and work on my game.

    Must stop playing Fallout 4 and work on my game.

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