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Social distancing is great, apart from trying to work from home while the guy up the road now has ample time and apparently the only way to fill it is to ride his dirt bike up and down our street all day :(
I worry for the outsiders who send me emails trying to recruit me for their project, but don't even tell me what their project is or what they want in the first and second emails. This is not how you do it and why I like this site more. It is mandatory that you describe your project in detail in the recruitment section at the least!

Figured I'd post an example of my randomly generated maps here for my Profile Post brethren. :LZSwink:
I figured out a few vital elements to the (new) first game's story last night, including how it touches upon important lore that will be prominent in the (now) series of three games. I should be able to start building it next month as I finish up some income-related projects.
Okay, that's the best I can do. Looks a little strange but..err.. it's my style, yeah, very original style..

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