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    Pixel Fantasy RPG Icons - RPG Maker MV RTP Replacement

    Suddenly my eyes are not bleeding anymore, haha.. Those look the way they should have looked from the start. My eyes thank you.
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    Which RPG Tropes Are You Actually Fond Of?

    I would never want to inhibit grinding. If your player wants to take the time to become op, why not let them enjoy it?
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    What game are you currently Playing?

    I am playing Live-A-Live. Currently in the prehistoric era:LZSrasp:
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    Which RPG Tropes Are You Actually Fond Of?

    Yes! I agree with all of these things, haha.. It seems like in a race to be different, people forget why the original formula works so well, because it's fun, and sometimes you just want to feel like the good guy and know that good can defeat evil. I know it's not for everyone, but I actually...
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    I need A big rose (tileset)

    Would this work?
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    Tiles by Kerrigan Updated 02/07/2020 (Monster sprite and spider leg gen parts)

    Love so much that you made a hair salon. That dingy look for atmosphere is something I'm drawn to.
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    whtdragon's animals and running horses- now with more dragons!

    These are amazing. You made spider people!! I would make a new project just to use that.
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    Anyone has an airfryer?

    When my oven died, I tried one of those airfryers as a temporary fix, and I hated it so so much. Everything was so dry, and I get that it's the point, but that's just not the way I like my food. Everything seemed completely dehydrated. I just returned the thing and cooked food out on my grill...
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    Which RPG Tropes Are You Actually Fond Of?

    I'm not against being unique, but I think changing something just for the sake of it is kind of pointless. So I don't mind when certain things are left as I'm familiar with them, such as elves being woodland creatures who are pale and possibly have a strong connection to the earth and animals or...
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    Testing Game Causes Laptop to Overheat

    My laptop is a little on the older side (okay, a lot), and it can overheat because it has a really bad integrated graphics chip. My most basic advice is the same thing I do, I have a laptop cooling pad, and that solves the problem until I can buy a better computer.
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    Fuffydud's MV Decor, Wall Art, etc.

    Yes! More paintings and plants! Thank you! I hate being repetitive in my maps. These look super nice.
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    New Project Yays and Nays

    I look forward to developing the story and making the world develop through maps and music and sounds. I dread trying to figure out how to do the complicated things I always decide to do, battles, puzzles, database stuff. It can be really confusing when you're trying to weigh your own ideas...
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    Tutorials! Yes or no?

    I really like when tutorials are optional/let you skip. I usually don't mind playing through a tutorial, but I've played some games where the tutorials are just mind-numbingly long, and I stopped paying attention to them a few minutes in. My advice would be to space them out I guess, because it...
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    Rookie Mistakes!

    From my personal experience, the big mistake was planning a game before I fully understood what sort of limitations there would be, either with myself or with the system, and underestimating how long even small details take.
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    Dwys' MV bin (tiles/sprites/icons/generator) [New:Guild Reception booths]

    That ICE box might be my favorite thing ever, haha..

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