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    Random Art Thread

    Finally got my computer fixed! Woot! Here's a quick sketch I did to get back into things:
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    Random Art Thread

    And then she'd be all like "I thought this quest for you! Go satisfy my weird fetish!" (I always pictured the Guildmarm as a closet furry).
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    Random Art Thread

    I've been playing way too much Monster Hunter lately so I decided to do some fan art of it. I need to work on my clothes.  On an unrelated note my graphics card is borked so I haven't been able to draw lately. Feeling so backed up :(
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    Random Art Thread

    Thanks! I'm glad you like them (To be honest I didn't put a lot of thought into them :/) Oh, and I'll probably add color when I want to practice a new technique or something since I have a preeetty wide range styles.  Also what exactly do you mean by facial features? XD
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    Random Art Thread

    Hey guys, new user here. Haven't really known what to draw lately so I've just been doing random character designs in between playing Monster Hunter.
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    Hello everyone! My name is Stilts (Though I go by a couple other random names when my name is taken :/) and I like to draw the anime and stuff! I've worked as a concept artist and sprite artist for a couple random indie Visual Novels in the past but for the most part they've all pretty much gone...

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