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  • Catching up on some anime I never finished . . . "This Day × And × This Moment" . . . first time I shed a tear watching something.
    I still have to catch up with anime from 2 seasons ago...
    Wondering if the slang shader spec will ever be added to RPG Maker MZ . . . wouldn't it be cool to change the resolution to 320x240 with a script, then run crt-royale-ntsc-256px-composite.slangp? I would pay double what I paid for the program for this feature to be added as DLC.
    Seriously, love this application I found . . . funi -s 85424 -e 1-78 -q 0 --sub --mks . . . hit enter, and now the waiting game begins. If you know what I'm doing you're just as bad as me. :hhappy:
    Sometimes when you have a conversation online, especially on a forum where most user's, including myself, use avatars, you may forget that the user is actually a real person, and it's quite shocking to see a photo of them in real life, and even more shocking when you find her to be really attractive . . .
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Starting work on some stuff for the community. Hopefully it will be fun, and useful to somebody.
Searching what to play in my dead times, the nostalgia hit me hard and ended downloading the Patapon trilogy, hope I can avenge my child self and beating all the games hahaha
Finished the frontier and...I apologize to anyone who saw the trailer I posted and actually tried it. Technical marvel, crazy disjointed fetish story hidden inside a cheap milsim skin that has no idea what it's trying to be except sanctimonious and failing at even that. As much as I hate fallout 4's story, even it was better. I guess there just won't be another non-parody fallout after all.
Anyone else having trouble posting in the forum? I have no reply box in posts or in messages. This is the only place I can type. @Archeia?

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