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    Black Winter - Download now!! (Full game)

    I upload new version of the game (1.6) that fix many bugs. download here:
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    Theo - Limited Inventory

    how to change the sizes of items? all in my database are size 1.
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    Black Winter - Download now!! (Full game)

    Black Winter is available now! Download full game here:
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    Black Winter - Download now!! (Full game)

    Game is finished and I am excited to see their gameplays and see how you get scared with the game. Release Date: April 8
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    Black Winter - Download now!! (Full game)

    Name: Black Winter Genre: Puzzle Flavours: Horror, old school, mystery Release Date: April 8 - 2016                  CREDITS: - Creator: Stiven202 - Soundtrack: José Goval - Character Design: Kodyz Contact and news: If you want to see the...
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    screen tone on android looks very bright

    I Use the command "change tone screen" all the colors i put in -160 approximately the game looks very dark in PC, like a terrifying game. but when you export it and see it from my android phone it looks very bright. image on PC: image on Android...
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    how disable script in game?

    my question is: how disable any plugin in game? example: i have a plugin  "dir pad" to play games on android but i want disable in particular moments of my game. plugin is call "MBS_MobileDirPAD". how disable when appear messages? because images of the buttons (A,B dirpad) are hidden and...
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    how export to txt file?

    I have a code to export txt file but in RPG Maker VX ACE. module Kernel   def create_DNI(actor_id, variable)     name = $game_party.members[actor_id].name      f ="DNI.txt", "a") # Define en nombre del archivo     f << "Nombre: #{name}\n" # Escribe el nombre del autor     f <<...
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    export variables to txt file?

    is there any way to export variables to a txt file?   example:   In part of my game, player will enter his name and ID. I want to keep those variables and then export them to a text file and can view them.   List example:   TXT FILE:   Name: Esteban ID: 523,134->this ID, previously...
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    Good Bye Rebeca - Mystery - Download Now!!

    Use a radiograph to open a door that is stuck is common sense. look this image.: From the house, maze, forest, lake, warehouse and mining house do not need a guide. Everything is based on knowing which door which requires key or which object you need to unlock X thing. Later, when Rebeca...
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    Good Bye Rebeca - Mystery - Download Now!!

      [/SPOILER]  - is not that the door requires a radiograph to open it, radiography being so thin it can fit on one side of the door and thus achieves unlock, I've done it in real life, once I stayed locked in my own room.   - The monster on the maze is not very important but Father's Rebeca...
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    Good Bye Rebeca - Mystery - Download Now!!

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    Good Bye Rebeca - Mystery - Download Now!!

      Information:   - Title: Good Bye Rebeca - Engine: RPG MAKER VX ACE - Genre: Mystery, Suspense - Languages: English, Spanish  - Number of Players: 1  - Duration: 2 to 3 hours - Four alternative endings (One secret) DOWNLOAD HERE:   AVAILABLE...

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