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  • Guys do you feel like RPG maker community is n00b friendly? I've only had an account for a couple days but, it seems like alot of the projects have dried up. Do users usually go on a hiatus once the recruitment phase is over or what???
    Yeah, I definitely agree it is a huge under-taking I was more wondering if most these users are just retreating into skype groups alot and staying off the forums. A high rate of drop out is to be expected with anything as hard as making a entire game. Also the two questions are in fact unrelated. I was just asking two in one status update XD
    That may be the case. A team needs somewhere to communicate, and I don't think we really have areas for that to happen here. But I suspect a lot come into it without realizing just what a big job it is, and it all becomes too much.
    Yeah being the lead on one of these projects is a TON of work not to mention the other projects your helping out with and trades / favors. Can get overwhelming for sure sometimes. I guess really we just summarized Indie Game: The Movie XDDDD
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In the strangest turn of events, my animations now live in the characters folder, and my character images now live in the pictures folder. It's a complicated world, but weirdly a more resource efficient one. :LZSexcite:
Did you know that we use robotic spy animals to learn about how different species behave in the wild? We're only a step away from robotic spy humans, and then Terminator. :p
Not being able to do a commission/request after all and having to give back the money is so heartbreaking.

Sometimes I'm just way too eager to help people out and suddenly find myself in a very deep hole because I'm not gonna be able to finish it. I really hope I don't come across as unprofessional to these people and in general. =n="
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