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    Gauge Action System

    This would be cool as a battle system!
  2. Stormowl

    Ice's Generator Parts (09/22/2017-Updated!)

    Thanks I'll try it out!
  3. Stormowl

    Ice's Generator Parts (09/22/2017-Updated!)

    Yea I did that, they show up on the generator part list but when I click them they don't show up on the character. See attachment: 
  4. Stormowl

    Ice's Generator Parts (09/22/2017-Updated!)

    Yea, I restarted, this might be the problem: I only placed the bandage and scarf files. Did I need the others in the pack too?
  5. Stormowl

    Ice's Generator Parts (09/22/2017-Updated!)

    They should be named correctly, I didn't have any other addons in the generator folder.
  6. Stormowl

    Ice's Generator Parts (09/22/2017-Updated!)

    It seems nothing is showing up for me. I really want to use the bandages and scarf but they don't appear on my characters face or sprite. I don't have any other generator addons so why Isn't it working?
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    Message Plus

    I'm so confused, can you post an example for how animated faces should be setup? A demo would be nice.
  8. Stormowl

    Happy Holidays 2015

    I'm always here baby! Giveaway entry: A great way to design a character is to think of one important trait, for example, Jim is a serial killer. Now imagine Jim at his highest in this trait. How would he act if he is at his highest? Then you have to think about how he would act at his lowest...
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    Nice idea of badass character traits! thanks guys!

    Nice idea of badass character traits! thanks guys!
  10. Stormowl

    Question... what traits does a character need to be totally badass? (Please don't say edgey...

    Question... what traits does a character need to be totally badass? (Please don't say edgey, that's not what I mean...)
  11. Stormowl

    Mullet for Generator(Male)

    Could anyone make a mullet for RPG Maker MV? Like this: Thanks!
  12. Stormowl

    Action RPG Script

    Yea I think it was Kaus.  really hope to see that soon!
  13. Stormowl

    Action RPG Script

    I want to remake one of my older games in MV. Can't quite remember what the old script was but it was from ACE, but I remember you pressed the "A" key to attack and it displayed the weapon icon. I also want it to cause an event to happen each time you run out of health. So as long as It's an...
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    Waterfall Splash - Alternative Size

    Oh nice! Thank you for this!
  15. Stormowl

    Minnow's RTP Edits (Updated 12/05 with large tree!)

    Oh deer! Those are some nice animal sprites!

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