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September 29th
Silent Hill 4pm, 91F, air quality forecast of 301 AQI

The mask upgrade appears to be working great, I've had less hallucinations of weird fleshy creatures today... Some even look like people. Though I remain unconvinced of such. Still in hindsight, I probably should have treated previous "weird fleshy creatures" better, just in case.

Still no Pyramid hat though, I'll keep searching.
Rocket League - Streaming once more! - 30 Followers Goal

30 Followers and I'll stream a game while using a voicechanger
Was liking Genshin Impact ok.... then T.T .... *sniffle* then..... TWWWT MICRO-TRANSACTIONS!!!! BWAAAAAAAAAHAAAAHAAAAAAAA!

Would you be brave enough to explore an ancient dungeon filled with treasures?
Uh, and skulls; don't forget the skulls.
I can't believe that there are streamers playing my game! This is so amazing!

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