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    Lecode Tactical Battle System 0.77.2B

    Hey guys! First of all: Amazing Plugin! I've been reading some of your blogs and noticed you have RL stuff to do and prolly won't update this any time soon, which is highly understandable and I wish you best of luck in reallife! But maybe some of the other awesome people in here could help me...
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    "Press A!"

    I made it look like this: ... and it worked so far, which is kinda nice, thanks so far! (: then, to make it more usefull, how do i put a timer in? Like, "you have so-and-so-much-time to press the button, or else you gonna die". Is it doable with a loop, starting again every frame, asking...
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    "Press A!"

    Hey everyone, if this was asked before, i am sorry, but i was unable to find it. :/ And if this is the wrong topic, i'm also sorry; new guy here trying to figure out a solution for a problem. D: I'm working with the RPGXP-Maker and i got a question. I want to have an event, that forces you...

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