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  • After working out some initial confusion, I managed to get Yanfly's Improved Battlebacks successfully working on a test battle, changing the battleback and getting it to scroll during combat. This means that I can have graphically dynamic battles on moving platforms, like the roof of a train or the deck of a ship/airship...
    I just watched the CG movie HARLOCK: Space Pirate, a retelling of the anime Harlock story. It was pretty awesome, and has given me some inspiration for my space game, at least for parts of it.
    I finished editing sound effects and background sound for the trains that will be in my fantasy game project, including whistles for arrival, departure, and warning. Ever since playing FF6, I've always loved RPG action on trains and there will be some fun to be had on trains in my project.
    I'm doing some more sound edits to loop BGS and BGM and I'm still finding Final Cut Pro X to be quicker and smoother for simple edits of sound than my current version of Garageband, which is bugged, clunky, and unintuitive compared to my old version of Garageband -- I feel like Apple went backwards on the UI design of Garageband, taking away what used to make it feel good for quick sound editing.
    I'm a bit leery of creative commons sound effects for a commercial project since some people might upload copyrighted material like I've seen on an image site. I purchased some sounds from a site backed by an organization/company that I recognize, and I think that I shall not regret it.
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    Yeah, it's a similar problem with fonts. I try to avoid those dodgy looking free sites because of prior experience. Sure, it means I'm paying for audio, fonts, and other such things, but I think that's a small price to pay for getting a license.
    Overall, stuff's pretty cheap if you shop around. Best to avoid any headaches later. Besides you can use the stuff you buy in future games too. Pretty much an investment really.
    Try making an RPG with cartoon SFX and comic sans text
    My space game is going to have a "galaxy map" with various planets and space locations. Inspired by how Battletech shows the player entering a planet's orbit, I'm thinking of doing something similar, followed with an interface that's like Battlechasers' dungeon level selection with extra options and lore text.
    The ability to change vehicle graphic with an event in-game (at least in MV) has made me wonder how fun it might be to have a large variety of vehicles in-game.
    Now that I'm doing the big one on my fantasy game bucket list order due to the potential risk of losing a currently unregistered game title for trademark, I'm now revisiting a stock character bust alteration in progress after more than a year from when I was considering a different game being first. I'm glad I kept things somewhat organized so that I knew which folder to find it in.
    I left the edit at the toughest part -- replacing parts of the character's clothing without clashing with the art style. I'm going to be using an electronic drawing pad for this.
    "I'm going to start with a smaller game first."

    "What? That's how trademarks work?"

    "I'm going to start with a larger game first."
    It seems that I have to change the order with which I make the fantasy games on my bucket list, because the intended title is used as a story element in the first two games in the line, and somebody else might take the title for their own game because the term uses real words. I can't risk going over the apparent three year limit for registering trademark ahead of time.
    I had a kernel panic crash on my current computer for the first time after trying out the latest update on a videogame. I think I'm going to wait until the next update before trying it again. This brought back memories of my old computer and laptop in their final days.
    My flipbook for organizing graphic resources got so big that it lags a lot on loading. Looks like I need to separate it into multiple flipbooks.
    I just tested out HIME's party switching scene plugin for MV. Switched out characters in-game and then did a test battle, then switched out characters and did another test battle. It worked perfectly. This is going to be super useful for my games.
    One of the potential effects of having good, memorable sound design for a game (and its advertisement) is that it produces a memory trigger that either gets a customer to come back for purchase, or gets a player to remember (sooner than later) that they have an unfinished run to complete.
    I'm feeling a bit of melancholy about a certain games site which used to be a great place for playing browser-based games until the death of Flash was announced and they started shutting down parts of the site like chatrooms and forums. I played so many games there over the past decade and now they're currently in a slow death spiral.

    I'm thankful for all the good game experiences I had there.
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    They even hosted RPGmaker-made browser games too.

    Perhaps the site will someday revive with HTML5 devs or perhaps some other site will rise to popularity for hosting browser games.
    I've just finished organizing music files from a music Humble Bundle I purchased a while ago (putting in specific themed playlists, deleting from playlists, deciding which games they'll be used for. etc.). I'm feeling pretty confident that the sound design for my games will be up to high standards. Sound design seems to be relatively under-discussed as a topic in game development imo.
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