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    Making a skill that only works when enemy's HP is below a certain level

    As the title says... Is it possible to have a skill that only works when the enemy's HP is below a certain percentage? I tried looking into formulas and such, but I'm smart enough to figure it out. My main character is supposed to weaken her foe with, then attempt to "instakill" when said foe...
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    (MV) Weird Visual Glitches in Editor

    I've updated them, and nothing changed. I only have one display chip.
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    (MV) Weird Visual Glitches in Editor

    I just got a new laptop a couple of days ago. Whenever I use RPG Maker MV, these weird... graphic things keep popping up. This only happens in RPG Maker and nowhere else. My specs are... OS: Windows 10 Home Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-1005G1 CPU @ 1.20GHz (4 CPUs), ~1.2GHz RAM: 8.00 GB...
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    Animations Help

    Unfortunately, I still don't understand anything while doing that...
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    Animations Help

    Even with your well-written response (as usual), I still feel pretty lost. Has anyone made an animations tutorial..?
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    Animations Help

    I don't think I understand the animations tab in the database. I deleted everything, except for the first one, and just replaced the graphic with something else. Though the graphic doesn't show up on the bottom. And I don't know how to drag the last animation to the middle area. (No image at...
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    RMMV Monster of the Mines

    SYNOPSIS In the mining town of Silverheart, nothing ever happens. Until one evening, one of the workers exits the quarry with a missing hand, collapsing only a stone's throw distance from the entrance. The eccentric Ellinor wants to help and drags her only friend, the outsider, Cael, with...
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    How many times have you wanted to quit?

    I've wanted to quit so long with my current project, each time something doesn't go right. Then I'm convinced by someone to keep going, but I really hate working on it by myself. I've never been good at working on things alone to be honest.
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    RMMV Battleback Renders Too Large For Window

    That's the problem, it matches my game's dimensions, but it still appears too big.
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    RMMV Battleback Renders Too Large For Window

    Hello (again)! I've scoured through my plugins and their settings, but couldn't figure out why my battleback is loaded as a huge image instead of scaled like my title screen. Here is what I mean... My battleback compared to the default from the engine: Selecting it in the database: In...
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    RMMV EXP Gauge Not Changing Image

    Bump. Any help with getting the EXP numbers to show? Thanks~
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    RMMV EXP Gauge Not Changing Image

    I forgot to bump this and say, I managed to fix it. I changed this: Window_Base.prototype.drawExpGauge = function(x, y, width, rate, color1, color2) { To this: Window_Base.prototype.drawGauge = function(x, y, width, rate, color1, color2) { this.drawPixelGauge(x, y, width, rate, 'Exp'); }...
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    RMMV EXP Gauge Not Changing Image

    Hello (again)! I found this neat plugin by Shaz, which allows one to replace the gauges on the menus with images (scroll down to the correct post of my link brings you to the top of the thread). Here are what my gauges look for now: As you can see, the EXP gauge looks very out of place...
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    RMMV Text Alignment in Menu

    Thanks! My icon and text are fixed!!

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