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    Tempted to buy MZ, but I have a few questions.

    The "easy enough for a child" thing is a bit misleading...RPG maker is very complex and if you do not want to make a complete turd requires tons of work and learning... or maybe i'm dumber then a child LOL!
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    I have owned every version of RPG Maker to this point

    I just played on the demo, and i found the ability to preview movement paths really cool! I think potentially being able to pull down script commands from the drop down menu sounds cool once scripts release.
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    Eternal Conflict

    I am still looking for someone who could possibly step in and fix my files or start over with me from a coding side.
  4. Stridah

    TRADE Eternal Conflict high level tile creator looking for scripter-eventer-engine master

    Hey guys, So i have created a mostly custom tile set from scratch, that looks really good! I have mapped out the majority of my game, and was working with a great coding guy who unfortunately was unable to proceed with the project at about half completion... This left me in a bad situation...
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    TRADE Eternal Conflict Recruiting Lead Eventer

    Hex....hey, the game had many hours of work put into it, so there where many custom scripts created for it, so someone would need to atleast be able to understand them at a basic level in order to utilize them. Basically the story goes i was working with a team on time constraints (programmer...
  6. Stridah

    TRADE Eternal Conflict Recruiting Lead Eventer

    Jay, It would be a time commitment, the game is currently in a spot where all core art assets are created and implemented in the game, most of the story has been added as events (probably needs some cleaning up) and the combat system as been implemented and tested (much custom scripting by my...
  7. Stridah

    TRADE Eternal Conflict Recruiting Lead Eventer

    I am still looking for a reliable person who would be willing to commit to finishing this project, the art assets for the game are completed i just require someone who is highly skilled and experienced in the RPG maker engine to handle completing the programming side of things.
  8. Stridah

    Eternal Conflict

    I am still looking for someone who is highly skilled with the RPG Maker engine who can make this game a reality...The art assets needed for the core game are all completed and custom made.
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    Eternal Conflict

    Hey i am going to contact you today..thank you for replying!
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    How to come back from a failed project?

    Unfortunately it was probably a few months away from being able to start having a few people play test it an early alpha build, currently only the story mode works, as the combat system was completed but the encounters not yet added.
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    RMMV Path Of A Samurai - *NEW updates!*

    love the art direction!
  12. Stridah

    How to come back from a failed project?

    wow shaz! That is a super kind offer bro! I will be constructing a PM for you in the morning with all pertinent information, it was all done by one programmer and we made some pretty big changes to the combat system, which works very well in our tests, along with quest system, animated portraits...
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    How to come back from a failed project?

    This is all great and encouraging...My thought with scrapping the code was that i am not capable of that level of work in the RPG Maker engine i was able to attract some pretty talented people to work with because art skills are in high demand & the complexity of the calls are well past what i...
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    How to come back from a failed project?

    I'm not sure if you are taking a shot at me here or not...And i think you are thinking of me in the wrong light, i definitely have some decisions to make in the coming weeks but i do think it would be a shame to let my custom tileset rot in internet obscurity if i decide to call it quits...

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