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    looking for a font you didn't save to drive because you just knew you weren't going to lose it :kaosigh:
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    RPG Maker Critique with @StudioBlueGames: The Last Islands of Man starts now! The waters are rising, will we survive. Watch now!
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    Finally made my demo...Now I'm just hoping it doesn't have any awful bugs I somehow missed lol.
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    I think I'm going to have resource farming (ex. fishing ) in my game, but in a chill way that doesn't require massive clicking. Maybe a...
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    Turtles are cute
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    behold one of my sprites. pretty decent for a first game but I'm okay with it. At least I started somewhere. #RoastMe (yep, go ahead...
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    "Whether a storm or a disaster comes in life ... a gap in friendship should never come"
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    There is a high... in learning, and growing. A high that is used as an escape, from actually doing, and making use of what you've...
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    Rewriting a story event that's laughably bad in first-draft...refocusing on scene goals, character motivations, and subtext.
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    Anyone else ever feel super frustrated when looking up ANYTHING for MZ. Every single time google is like: DO YOU MEAN MV??? -shows...
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    I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying! (Links to song)
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    Hey... guess what? I found out that Eddsworld is back! Without Edd Gould, of course, but the new generation is a memorial to him. And as...
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    Gotcha. Generally, most people are honest I feel. Should be good!
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    It's a commision site. You can still dispute. As a result I think I'll be good so far. Otherwise I never pay full out of commision...
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    I think it's best to pay after delivery. While we all want to assume the best, if the person paying is a scammer, the sprite artist...

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