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  • It's certainly been awhile, but many priorities have been on our members brains, but we have not been cooling our heels! We're currently working on two projects and have divided our group into two teams to tackle them! With that we wanted to show you the fruits of our effort in the last few months with a new page to display our efforts and works on our Concept Art page!

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Hey guys, do you wanna see who dominated the competition in our last game jam?! Stop by while we play Pinky by @Wumbohek Starting at 4:20pm EST.
Looking for someone that can create custom-made balloon pop-ups for Escalia! Now posted in Classifieds - Requests
So, uh... I have to work on the MZ beta for one of the games to be made in Unite (since it's not out yet) because I'm planning to put it on Kickstarter. It involves escape rooms, twisted animatronics, and the SCP Foundation. Plus it takes place in a theme park, and it's NOT a "Five Nights" game. It's got virtual escape rooms, secret notes, and a twisted secret only the SCP should know.
Going live in 10 for Rise of the Third Power! Come and join me for ridiculous and inconsistent character voices, banter, the drinking of Irn Bru, the eating of cookies and wine gums, and possibly a dog! Twitch

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