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  1. Encumbrance System Needed

    Thank you! I'll look into these and get back to you.
  2. Encumbrance System Needed

    I basically need a system to calculate the weight of the player's stuff: items, armor, and weapons (include armor and weapons that are equipped, if possible). If the weight exceeds 100 lbs, the player slows down to a speed of 3 and can't dash. If the weight exceeds 200 lbs, the player slows down...
  3. Day/night cycle

    Good for you! Is there anything else that you need help with?
  4. Day/night cycle

    Sorry about the delayed response! Sure! I'd love to! Okay. Here's a way you could include those within the current system: 6) Creating Exceptions Select a variable to represent the exceptions for lighting and label it something like "lighting exceptions". Create a conditional "if lighting...
  5. Day/night cycle

    Lol we've all been there. It's fine! To do that, we're going to need to create another conditional, but quick question: do you want different lighting for things like caves/dungeons than the lighting for things like shops? That's definitely a way to do it. I usually just change variables where...
  6. :P

  7. RMMV Working concept-Virtual insect pet simulator

    I don't have anything constructive to add, but this sounds like a fun concept for a game! Definitely love the concept art for sure.
  8. Looking for a script for auto save and auto load

    I can't help with all of that, but I might be able to help with some. For changing how many profiles there are, there's a bit of code in the DataManager script that has def self.savefile_max return 16 end Change that 16 to 1 and there you go. For the autosave, it'll probably involve...
  9. Unpopular Opinions: The Thread

    So, I read this and just went, "Yeah! Why not use maces and spears and things????" and then I thought about my own stories and it might have something to do with how majestic the weapons seem? Like, I can't speak for everyone, but I have a soft spot for rapiers and katanas and whenever I think...
  10. Day/night cycle

    I can help you with that, but are you sure you want time to actually stop whenever you enter a building? It'd be just as possible to allow time to pass without necessarily seeing the change from indoors.
  11. Day/night cycle

    Alright, so, to do the screen tint: 4) Applying the tints (Repeat for every phase of the day) Create a conditional outside any of the others "If day phase = (different for every phase of the day)". Inside that conditional, put a "Tint Screen -> Adjust the tint to match the time of day you want...
  12. How Do You Call a Script

    On an event. It's fine; calling it in the move route doesn't appear to crash anything.
  13. Day/night cycle

    I can help with that too, but I'm guessing that you probably don't want the weather to be tied to the time. Do you have specific tints in mind or can I just use filler tints for you to adjust later? Edit: I forgot a super important component of Step 3! You also need to add "Control Variables...
  14. How Do You Call a Script

    ......... oh. Thank you!
  15. How Do You Call a Script

    I'm fairly new to Ruby scripting and have run into a bit of a hiccup. How do you make an event call poke_it? I'm specifically trying to call it from within a movement route.

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