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  1. Slippery Tiles for RPG Maker MV

    thanks! i got it working  :)
  2. Pop! contributions in Member+

    awwww that sucks. :(
  3. Need Support for POP! Horror City Tilesets

    how do you get the free pack update?
  4. Pop! contributions in Member+

    How do I get this pack? Whenever I go to purchase it says "There are no products here yet! Please check back soon." I can't get a member+ sub.
  5. Ice Floor Puzzles

     that tutorial worked perfectly! thanks!
  6. Can you use 2 tile high sprites?

    Ohh okies. Thanks for your help!
  7. Slippery Tiles for RPG Maker MV

    Has Yanfly's Slippery Tiles been converted to a plugin for RMMV? If not, does anyone know how to do slippery tiles?
  8. after knockout you appear at hospital in rpg maker mv

    They are events, and maybe troops later.
  9. Can you use 2 tile high sprites?

    Can you use 2 tile high sprites in RPG Maker MV? I tried creating a sheet with 3 across, and four down using 2 tiles high and 2 tile wide for each sprite. What are the dimensions I need to use this sprite in-game? I have included the sample sheet.
  10. after knockout you appear at hospital in rpg maker mv

    I was trying to figure out a way to do an event to where you appear at the hospital after losing a battle or being knocked out. Like Pokemon where when your Pokemon pass out you appear at the PokeCenter.
  11. Picture not showing up in game

    I was doing an event where you select a choice and then a picture is displayed. The problem is that the picture doesn't display when I test run the game. I selected the choice then the screen blinks fast but no picture is displayed. I used "show picture: picture file". Can anyone help me with this?
  12. XS - Actor Hud

    name doesnt appear but hud works
  13. health bar script?

    i am using yanfly. thank u for your help. i got it to work.
  14. Hp bar position

    thank you. i figured out the problem.

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