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    Rekx's Graphical Cartel [WARNING: Image Heavy]

    Hello there :) I hope you're not too full up with requests. Please take your time with this one. HEADER TEXT: Harvest Moon SUB-TEXT: Once Upon A Clover OTHER INFORMATION: The whole style of the logo and title screen is slightly cartoon-ish but elegant. I would like the logo to be on a...
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    Variable Calendar/Weather System

    I see! Yeap, checking back, it seemed to have worked until I added values for the time and date variables at the beginning of my game. Before that, the date was indeed blank. Good job with spotting the problem! I would say the second is better, too. It would be dandy to have everything start...
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    Variable Calendar/Weather System

    I got a problem. Your calendar clock, which you seemed to have updated, now reads an error at line 94, undefined method '+' for nil:NilClass. When I use the save file from the older version, the script worked fine.
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    Variable Calendar/Weather System

    I can't currently think of any other features at the moment. This is great work :)  If I hit any bugs or glitches, I'll report it asap ^^
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    Variable Calendar/Weather System

    Yay! A clock HUD! Fantastics :D I think the easiest way is to put it all together like the Four Seasons one, since players want to look at both time and date at a glance :)
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    Sprite Reflection

    I'm getting a "Line 344 TypeError, nil can't be coerced into Fixnum" sort of error. I wonder what's the problem...
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    Luna's Character Workshop

    Glad if they can be of use! Thank you for the lovely portraits! :)
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    Luna's Character Workshop

    In that case, here it is! Ps: Sorry for the fail hair editing.  
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    Luna's Character Workshop

    Hi Lunarea, if I may ask, are you making (or already made) the character sheets for the priestesses and Aphrodite? Because I made a Aphrodite character set on my own, then realized that if you do not permit it, I had better not post them online, or even use the portraits in my game ><

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