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    Weekday change simulation. Help needed

    for me it didn't work, what did you mean by: "Day changes works and displays properly only when I don't stop common event in the end of the scene before transit to another scene." in my project i'm not using a week cicle but it is good to know this stuff.
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    Weekday change simulation. Help needed

    Well, i tried another way using check text variable and labels and the only command that is not working properly is Text variable. it does not set the variable as it should't... i think it is a bug... i tried using in in a scene instead of common events and still don't work.
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    How Do I use the base assets when i create a new empty project?

    when you are in the resourse manager you in click dlc and have acceses to all the resourses.
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    Weekday change simulation. Help needed

    maybe the problem is all the "else if". the manual says this about it: "This command allows the user to create another set of conditions if the initial requirements aren't met. This is to avoid the previous condition to trigger if both conditions are triggered for any reason." i think it means...
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    【Foxy's】Outfit Selection

    very good!!! i may use the second method. I just came to see your tutorial because i was looking for a way to give each of my 8 main characters 8 expressions in 10 different outfits while using the blinking and talking animation and not die exporting all the combinations @___@
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    Problems with character commands

    I'm using the command move character and they don't show in the select position window :c it was working fine yesterday.... also there is this random thing that a character does not appear in the records but it appear twist when i try to use any command that involve a character. It started when...
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    VNMaker 【Chapter 1】A Priori

    Hi hi!!! I played it, I like it but at some point after the "your opponent" answer it didn't let me go on and any time i reloaded a save file it got stuck and didn't continued.
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    VNMaker Fullmetal Alchemist: Bluebird's Illusion Remake

    Oh my... this looks so good!!!! O.o you really gave me some good inspiration to work harder in my VN!!!
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    Rules Frequently Asked Questions

    Hi, again, I just wanted to know if there exist any option to exclude resources (Graphic and Audio files) that are not been use when you click in built the game.
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    Javascript 【Foxy's】Profiles Menu

    wow, this looks pretty good!!!
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    Blank Name for Characters

    Hi again!!! I have a little question! is there a way to make a narrator that doesn't show its name in the text box? because if i erase its name in the the data base it just shows the name of the last character that was talking.
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    Rules Frequently Asked Questions

    Hi again, I hope every one is fine!! I have a question: how good the VN Maker could handle low poly 3D graphics? I plan for my project to have first person dungeon crawling like this: so pretty much this is the breaking point deciding if I would use this engine.
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    In Game Inventory

    thank you!!!!
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    In Game Inventory

    it will try to make something when i have the time off from work! it may take a little while!

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