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  • Hello, yes, I would like to start a petition to add a green editor theme to MV so I can feel like I'm outside in a grassy field, k thx bye ~
    hello can i get your tutorial video as mega link or torrent please?
    sorre to ask that becus i cant use youtube thank you
    Please do not use Status Updates to make requests like this. It is not fair on the other person and that is not their purpose. They are meant to be much 'lighter' - random thoughts, odd bits of info, stuff like that.
    very thank you so much SumRndmDde
    because you saved me with your video tutorial
    i just buy the rpg maker mv but i dont know to use it (Newbie)
    Once again, thank you so much:kaohi:
    Hey there, really love your plugins :smile: I was wondering: is it possible to use the MenuBackgrounds plugin for a custom background for yanflys victory aftermath? Maybe you´ve got a better idea :wink: thanks
    Please do not use Status Updates to ask Support questions. It is not fair on the other person, and it is not what they are intended for. They are meant to be much lighter - random thoughts, odd bits of information, that sort of thing. Please post in the appropriate forum.
    Hey there, I wanted to know if is possible to use your Timed Attack plugins as a defense/guard, skill.
    Please do not use Status Updates for queries like that. They are meant to be more casual - random thoughts, odd bits of information. Please post in the plugin's own thread.
    I just wanted to express my gratitude for making the HUD Maker plugin and the SuperTools plugin. I've been creating RPG Maker games since 1998 (and before that when other game design systems where possibly it's inspiration). It's taken almost 20 years but you did it! I'm very happy with this and the commercial game I'm making will be a lot better thanks to you. I really appreciate it.
    Hello SumRndmDde, we love your plugins, especially the custom menu background and credits plugin. we do have some kind of problem with the credits background. we addressing Scene_SRD_Credits .... but it remains empty. any idea?
    All other scenes are working well.
    thanks a lot
    Hello SumRndmDde do you have any suggestions how to activate the actors composite graphics whiteout let the player go throw character creator. I’m using Character Creator + Dynamic Actors, whit notetag on the Class so I can create my Actor, and adapt the visual whit the notetag in equipment.
    Please note, Status Updates are not for asking Support questions. Please post in the appropriate forum.
    :D just logged in to thank u for your Overlay-Upgrade Plugin (somehow the old one I had broke :(). Is that thread dead? Anyway, how's it going with the SUMMON CORE? :popcorn: Are all possible conflicts fixed?
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Lately I have been taking a break from game and resource making so I won't get burnt out. But I am also interested in the Game Jams this site periodically holds. It'd be great if I knew when the next one, if any, is planned.
elexy 1.2.pngSome bust art to be cropped and cleaned. May use in special decision moments. Depending on how it looks in game I may cut it.
Tiamat-86 wrote on ATT_Turan's profile.
apparently since its turning 15 years old this year the ps3 is considered "retro". now how old do you feel?
guess that means im an "antique" gamer since ill still play games as old as i am.
"you know your getting old when your childhood console changes ethnicity" lol it turned yellow
I'm making Toilet in Wonderland 2. and tell vinny about it lol

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