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    What purpose do jumps serve in the game? If they're meant to work like jumps in conventional...

    What purpose do jumps serve in the game? If they're meant to work like jumps in conventional fighting games (a committal movement option that enables air actions), you will likely find that 1 beat will quickly limit how high your BPM can realistically go.
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    RMMV Critical Hit Effects?

    Sorry, I noticed after posting, but did not edit quickly enough. There also seems to be a typo in the tutorial code. Hopefully I'm not just telling you something you already know, but the full first line should read: <Custom Establish Effect>
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    RMMV Critical Hit Effects?

    To my knowledge, there should be no problems with following that tutorial right now. I don't know of any changes that would make it inoperable. We can't know what went wrong with your attempt to adjust the code without seeing it, but my speculation would be that addState only takes one argument...
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    The Perks of No Levels?

    No levels also doesn't necessarily mean no progression. You can still make new tools and increased power available to to the player in ways unrelated to the experience/level model. The simplest example might be one of those five characters you mentioned joining the party. Going strictly by your...
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    How to make a move like Substitute from Pokemon

    Would it not be target.removeState(x) rather than user.removeState(x) ? Since the target of the attack is the battler that needs to have the state removed? Also, if this "block one hit of any magnitude" implementation satisfies your needs, then no worries. But if you are concerned with...
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    Can anyone help me understand what the weapon icons represent?

    I read the icons between "glove" and "nunchucks" as scepter (or maybe spear), staff, wand, and club. Then, of the ones on the second row you did not list, in order I see a heavy sword (or broad knife or machete), kama/sickle (unsure about this one), another revolver, a "blast"-type spell, and a...
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    Non-RNG Counters

    If you are very concerned about the trigger conditions of counters being too common, you could consider limiting the number of counters a unit can perform per round. This sort of bleeds into your other topic about flanking attacks, but the editions of DnD I've played tend towards a character...
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    How to stack states

    Since you're already using Yanfly content, you could see what this Tips and Tricks entry shows about tracking and manipulating stacks within states on non-user targets. It does not sound like you will be creating a DoT effect, but this should illustrate how to work with the stacks generally...
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    The Fall of Blizzard?

    I think we can all pretty readily agree that any goodwill they once had for their playerbase is long gone. But, I don't think that it came out of nowhere. Others have already pointed out the large-scale change of personnel and management, but I think there are throughlines to be drawn from at...
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    Elemental magic Balancing. How would you do it?

    Pokemon has more to teach on this topic than most will see at first blush. Even if your system is not entirely like its typing system, I think there is at least a lot to think about. To keep this block of text somewhat more coherent, I'll focus on offensive versus defensive interactions...
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    Is This Queerbaiting?

    Note that my flippant use of "queer" here is surely in the reappropriated sense. It has fallen somewhat out of fashion these days in some circles (especially among younger people), so I thought I ought to be clear. My understanding of queerbaiting is that it's a creator or company (often...
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    Does anyone have any dungeon screenshots they'd be willing to share?

    If the squareness you want to avoid is the "rooms and hallways" feel, you could look to real-world building floorplans for inspiration. Shopping malls are particularly useful (a piece of advice I heard in the context of tabletop RPGs from WebDM on Youtube) for their variety and emphasis on...
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    You and @Tai_MT wishing each other well is very telling and honestly feels great to see. Nothing...

    You and @Tai_MT wishing each other well is very telling and honestly feels great to see. Nothing wrong with spirited defense of your ideals in good faith! Just takes that little bit of self-honesty to know where to draw lines.
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    Bestiary (Or Worstiary)?

    I'm not the type of player that especially cares to fill them out, but my instinct is that it should not come with external motivation. The player that cares to see all the fields filled in will likely see it as its own reward. Adding an external prize on top of it seems like it would just be an...
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    How to reward your players?

    Before getting to the main topic, I don't think I see much in the way of negativity, arrogance, or bringing others down around here. What I see pretty consistently is passionate people going the extra mile again and again to help just about anyone who asks. Frankly, if ever I'm rolling my eyes...

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