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  • So you're new to the forums too?  Fantastic, I'd like to be friends.  I feel so isolated out there lol
    Hollow 1977
    Hollow 1977
    Welcome. We are all friends here.
    So I've made a blog now for my personal updates on game developement/random thoughts. If anyone is interested in following my going on's, here's a link to said blog:
    Read through the blog. I'm not currently at liberty to say, "Hey! I can help you out with fleshing out your story and writing everything you need!!" But if you ever want to bounce some ideas off of someone or have your dialogue proofread/revised, let me know.
    Super Shy Gamer Girl
    Super Shy Gamer Girl
    Cool. Thank you. I have more to post to the blog today, Basically everything I did in my overly long status update I did before realizing that was a no-no >.>. But as I add to it if ever you see in content I put up things that could use work or tweaking always feel free to voice your opinion. I'll be sure to keep you in mind if I come to a blockade ^.^

    Ok so I'm still looking for a mapper but eh. I really want to get into adding events and such and start working on the game itself, but I'm having to take those steps back a little and focus on the maps first. Which is a bummer, but necessary as I found that fiddling around and changing maps up and such seemed to really mess with events when moving them around and adjusting things or changing things with the map. Plus it's easier to come up with more full filling content when you have a visual to work with as well. Have to remind myself a game doesn't take a week but months and you gotta get through the nitty gritty parts to get there.

    I'm going to give it a few days on finding a mapper though, and rather then focus on the maps and eventing/programming and all of that. Flesh out more the characters themselves as well as the elements I want in the game....How I plan to do different things...

    Such as background point systems that's going to help make everything be influential to the end product of the story. I want players choices to actually hold a huge significant role in how their story plays out and just what sort of ending they will have when it's all said and done.

    Unique status that will play a role in difficulty in the game, such as the status: 'Depressed' which causes a 0% accuracy when trying to hit things, a representation of not having the will to put in the effort to do it right because of the depressive state.

    Or the status 'Excited' which gives a short HP regeneration state. To represent that added burst of energy to do more and push through things when a person is excited.

    The videos I made thus far for the game to show gameplay and what I've learned I mean I have to remind myself that I of course JUST got this program less then a month ago, or close to a month ago actually now....But still, Never touched such a thing until now. I have to keep reminding myself that I will get better rather then totally lose confidence in my missions as they were. Because this little game I'm doing now? This is a short simple plot line story compared to THE game I want to do. I see this game as should take a few months to make, where as THE game I want to do would take more to a year or two for all the content I want it to have. Yeah. Baby steps Rae, Baby steps...

    I'm sharing though, the videos of what I have, the links here. They won't come up on a search through youtube because I have them as unlisted. And they do not represent the game and it's content at all. These are simply videos of me learning what I have been thus far and how I was playing around with maps.

    The commentary for this video is for the GoFundMe I was doing to try and raise money to buy RPG Maker MV by asking for friends and family help. Needless to say, the only one who helped was my mother. XD My wonderful Hubby was the one who helped make it possible by paying for the rest of it. So without those two I wouldn't be where I am now. But yes, ignore the commentary. And the characters...and yeah, this video is rather pointless and useless >.> But hey, it's there.

    Now this video is a little better. I'm still not happy with that map, I scrapped it as I found better ways to add more depth to the lay out. (Such as doubled up on the walls in length >.>) But the point of this video is more so the music testing. My brother is doing the music for this game, he's got a lot of talent and all of his music I ever hear that he does I think would always work wonderfully in videogames and such. The song in the title is actually a song was one of his latest pieces that I really liked and felt worked really well for the feel of the theme of the story. The background music once getting into the game he did as well. This video was made so he could see how well it was working with running around and such as well as the looping. It is still a work in progress and what's being used in the video is not going to be the same starting out background music. Also this was where I learned the need to control volume levels for sound effects and such as I make events. The rain and such was from when I was showing my brother the program and how those effects can be added to a scene.

    This is with some sound adjustments, and him adjusting some of the tracks like the title track so that it didn't have that super long low sound in the beginning. It also includes another city map area to which he actually made when playing around on the program when I showed it to him. He's the one with the artistic eye and ear, it really is unfair. >.> I will probably end up going to him for help with the maps if I can't find someone else to help me. But with him doing the music I am trying to not go to him for everything. He has a life and such after all and this first project is a freebie type project. A way to show the talent as it were. Get names out there.

    I'll be honest, my biggest thing is I love coming up with stories, characters, and content. The programming aspect I'm understanding and able to have fun with because of RMMV. It makes things that never would have been possible for me, possible. But my deal is the story, the characters, the world, I have SO many ideas and concepts that I would love to share with people. Stories for people to travel in and explore. I normally RP to get those out there because I have trouble really trying to write an actual BOOK to get them out there. But now I may have found a way to share those stories and ideas I have in the format of game play. I've always wanted to make a career of sharing my ideas and stories and providing that content. But there is no way to do that if you don't put in the leg work and do the parts you don't originally want to do.

    So far this is what I have for a map for the neighborhood. It's.....taking a while. I also worry I have it pretty big. But we will see. I'm using parallax mapping, I have several layers so far using the Kaus Ultimate Overlay plugin which is just wonderfully awesome. And using techniques I learned watching Fallen Lorelei's tutorials I'm managing to get somewhere with adding real depth to the game. I'm still working on it though, slowly....I have a lot of ground cover to add and such to it. But it's something. It's a start. *nods*

    I suppose I can work on the introduction some hmmm? I need music to accompany it though...
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    Super Shy Gamer Girl
    Super Shy Gamer Girl
    I don't. Well I posted in one of the forums recruitment for a mapper yesterday? Or no, the night before? Replied to a topic or two, but that's it. Ironically I haven't posted to much on the forums because there seems to be so many specifications on where anything can go that it feels its hard to have a generalized post on a specific topic that can include overall discussion on it. But that could be my being paranoid about posting in the wrong place with the wrong thing. Which is why I decided to settle for just posting my thoughts on my status update. Course we see how well THAT turned out >.> lol.

    I may just do a blog on wordpress. That seems like the best deal, cause then people can comment to a post if they want but it doesn't necessarily interrupt the flow of the feed itself. A forum post will have replies and responses to things all over the place and be disorganized in that regard I would think. (I like the organization of a post and the ability to comment to that specific post) And you always have to go to the end of the thread to see the newest info and so on...Posting a new thread each update to keep it organized like that I don't think would be very....I wouldn't want to clutter things up with a whole bunch of posts? I mean I think that would be rude wouldn't it? I mean....I dunno. 

    I will be honest. I don't normally join forums, I am a baby duck in forum etiquette. I really like this group and community so I've stayed and want to be more a part of it but I'm paranoid about stepping on toes. I've already screwed up multiple times thus far and while they were unintentional I don't want to keep doing it. I'm not saying I'm thinking about leaving I'm just saying that maybe the blog is a safer choice to avoid being annoying? >.<

    I mean I've gone and read through forum rules for each section before trying to put a thread up but being so new to what it is I'm doing in the first place I feel a little lost at times knowing if what I'm talking about falls more in one category or another one (It's why I haven't posted as much as I might have otherwise because I've backed out of it afraid I'd post in the wrong place or misunderstand what the expectations are). Or if I'm starting a topic and get to writing my mind may suddenly go onto another topic. I don't want to bring chaos and disorganization to a well organized set up and cause people to have to move things around or what not if I end up posting in the wrong area by accident or what not over a generalized update post that has no focus to it really.

    Do I make any sense? I feel like I may be making things overly complicated... I'm just trying to be considerate. I hate inconveniencing others and so far I feel I've done it more then once and feel bad for it.
    Jesus christ text dump O-O.

    No offense meant, but this much text is jsut offputting in a status feed XD We dont come to status feed to read looong posts. Make a topic or a blog for such long stuff. Think of status feeds as a fancy twitter, not a blog.
    Super Shy Gamer Girl
    Super Shy Gamer Girl
    Yeah. I got the memo there in previous comments....
    Now if only I could get my profile picture to actually update/change from the silhouette of anonymousy doom...
    put an image somewhere else, then use the URL link. The upload feature is buggy.
    Super Shy Gamer Girl
    Super Shy Gamer Girl
    Oh! Good to know. Thank you.
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