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  • How far did you get with your mine cart vehicle? I only ask because I just made a mine cart demo. If you still need tips on how to implement you can ask me.

    But the easiest way is to set the passage options of the rail tiles in the tileset settings so that you cannot go off the track (passage 4-way settings). Then you just have a mine cart event that you interact with and it changes your player into a mine cart. You can then move and hide the mine cart event so it's out of the way. You can have track exit nodes that turn your player back into the player.
    I didn't get very far because the tiles limited on how I wanted to implement it..but I will work on it 
    If you need any assistance let me know.
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Did a test on myself and I was negative on COVID. I was sitting near my aunt the whole time while doing stuff.
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Draw something
Me: No problemo! ''draws something''
Now draw the same thing from a different angle
Me: So....You have discovered my weakness...
I got a new PC... Nothing wrong with my lil laptop at all! Still works great, and I'll be using it for school. But, the specs for gaming were falling off fast. So I was selfish and bought myself a beast of a PC ^-^

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