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    Select party member to attack instead of using agility turn order

    Sorry this took me so long to respond to--computer problems and such... Anyway, this works perfectly ! Thank you so much <3
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    Select party member to attack instead of using agility turn order

    In the normal battle system, you're forced to use whatever party member is next in the turn order (based on agility, I believe). I want to select which party member I attack as, and have the option to back out and choose someone else if I want to. I don't want to follow a turn order, I want to...
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    how to store an escape character in a variable string?

    @gstv87 So I went through rpg_windows.js looking for something similar to those codes you posted, and I found the section on escape codes, but it wasn't quite formatted similarly enough for me to have any idea what to do with it. I started looking at the codes below to see if maybe there was...
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    how to store an escape character in a variable string?

    I'm attempting to make random NPC dialogue by setting up a variable to store the dialogue into, then defining the variable as a text string which is randomly selected via condition branch / rng variable. However, when I want to make the NPC say the player character's name, it instead displays it...
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    [FROG] Health - Additional Custom HP, Hunger, Thirst and more!

    I tried using a formula that uses a variable in it and it doesn't work (the stats don't change), in addition if I put the formula directly into an item damage formula to recover the default HP stat, and then use the item in game, it turns the current HP value into NaN. However, if I remove the...
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    Decimal Currency

    AH okay . Thank you for all your help !
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    Decimal Currency

    Ah, perfect ! Although I actually can't get a currency unit to display in shopbuy / shopsell at all? Is there supposed to be one there? It doesn't show in a new project either, and I've been trying to write one in but it doesn't seem to work orz Oh, also I added this onto the end to have the...
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    Decimal Currency

    Bump !
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    Decimal Currency

    This works pretty well, thank you !<3 Would it be possible to get the shopbuy / shopsell windows to display in decimals, and for items to cost less than a dollar (ex. $0.50)? Maybe a notetag or something? EDIT: After doing some more testing I've discovered that this script interferes with my...
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    Decimal Currency

    Would it be possible to change the way money is displayed from, say, 1,000G to $10.00 ? Preferrably so it displays on the menu screen and the shop screen. There were a few scriplets like this for VXAce (here's one), to make it so the last two digits are behind a period and the currency symbol is...
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    Tsukihime's Window Cursor doesn't dispose at the right time

    I'm using this script: I modified it to work with various windows with different image cursors (basically just changing Window_Whatever to other stuff and copying the script for each window I need a cursor for), but for some windows, the image doesn't disappear at the same time as the rest of...
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    Items spoil / transform over time based on frames and variables

    There's this script I found in an old request thread for items that "go bad" over time; the way it works is, you add a notetag to certain items that indicate that the item will turn into a different item after x amount of steps. It also comes with a progress bar visible in the items menu and is...
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    Amaranth's Super Simple Mouse System for Ace

    I don't think we're on the same page here... I need a script call or a variable to change the icon in the game. From an event. So that when the player makes a choice, the "DEFAULT_ICON" changes based on that choice. I can't use the script itself to do that, as there's only one option. One...
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    Amaranth's Super Simple Mouse System for Ace

    But the icons only change when hovering over an event. I need it to change forever. As in, the mouse icon that is always there, even when not hovering over an event (y'know, the default icon). Then I could change it at the beginning of the game based on which character the player decides to play...

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