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    [RGGS3]Khas Awesome Light + Galv Use Item Compatibility

    Great, thanks that worked! I didn't play around with that option so much, just kinda gone to Zero and 180.  Thanks again!
  2. Suzio Uwabami

    [RGGS3]Khas Awesome Light + Galv Use Item Compatibility

    Hey guys, I have the problem that the menu of "Galv Use Item on Event" And Khas Awesome Light Effects Script don't work together. It looks like this: Anyone know how to fix it? Tried to move the scripts around 'n stuff and changing the configuration, nothing worked for me :/ Thanks...
  3. Suzio Uwabami

    Equip Skill System

    Yea, adding more slots to a tier would be awesome! Like, you do a secret mission and then you can equip more Master Skills or something :D
  4. Suzio Uwabami

    Save File Extras

    Nice script! Is there a chance that you would add character stepping animation in the save menu? Would look cool in my opinion
  5. Suzio Uwabami

    6 man party - Yanfly Main Menu

    [/SPOILER]My god, this is beautiful! I am stunned! :)  I'm so happy that I could help to create something nice like this :D Ahhh, my first time helping someone out in this forum, and it turned out so good, I'm so happy, haha
  6. Suzio Uwabami

    Galv's Magic Shards

    Wooooow beautyful!!
  7. Suzio Uwabami

    6 man party - Yanfly Main Menu

    Sorry it took so long! I was gone for awhile, but that was actually good, as I edited the menu layout's script. I'm not a scripter, I just used what I knew and found the things I need to edit. I edited the script so you have 7 commands per row, so that it does not start scrolling. If you need...
  8. Suzio Uwabami

    Galv's Magic Shards

    Ahh, was wondering where that error came from. Good to know 
  9. Suzio Uwabami

    6 man party - Yanfly Main Menu

    Can you tell me how you changed it to showing 6 members in the menu? I'll try something out if I know how :) EDIT: The closest I can come to that is this:  But I don't know yet to show 6 party members, so I used Galv's Bust Menu, because it had that feature. And the other looks like this...
  10. Suzio Uwabami

    Galv's Magic Shards

    I have a very good idea for that, I think, lol. Look at MoogleX Passive Skill system. He uses "dummy weapons" for the passive skills, so the skill has more options in stats and such. So if Galv would make it compatible with it, you could make a link shard, that would learn you a passive from...
  11. Suzio Uwabami

    Galv's Magic Shards

    Hey Galv, are you still thinking about making it possible that passive skills can be learned from linked shards? MoogleX just brought out a passive skill system too, and it would be lovely to have skills in the linked shard too :)   But anyway, I love your scripts <3 This is actually the first...
  12. Suzio Uwabami

    Passive Skill

    It granted the player a number of AP at every level (pictured as gems, here), so that the player could chose what passive skill to activate. He could learn the abilitiy by equiping a weapon/armor or after he mastered it to be able to keep it without the equipment [/SPOILER]I definitely think...
  13. Suzio Uwabami

    Mini Map

    Is there a way to make the map bigger for smaller maps? Because at the moment it looks like you can just use it for massive world maps. But I divide my world maps, and also would like to use the map in towns 
  14. Suzio Uwabami

    Equip Skill System

    Yea. stars would be cool too. And yea, didn't thought about colorblind players, very thoughtful of you :)  

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