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    Welcome to the New Forums!

    Yeah old system was much more convinient. On top of that email notifications don't seem to work either, so communicating onsite has became a massive pain.
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    Artwork: "But I didn't ASK for critique."

    This is a really good thing that you are aware of this. I've noticed that for myself as well, that when I'm beeing put on the spot, and I need to "respond" to someone giving me critique, I imediatelly get very defensive. I need some time to look throught it, and maybe even try out some things...
  3. svarn

    Reccomended silliness

    I'm kinda late, but happy birthday! What did you end up doing ? Lol Kovak ... as funny as that might be ... are you trying to make him spend his birthday in jail ? xP I'm sure it would've been "wild" there. But yeah ... please don't lick other people's kids ... or any other kids alltogether.
  4. svarn

    RPG Makers based in the UK?

    Brexit ... you might need local indeed . . . Sorry I'm a mean person :P
  5. svarn

    How well can you sing?

    I haven't sung in lik 15 years x_x I'd like to but I'm really anxious ... even if there's nobody home, windows are shut dead and doors baricaded. Sometimes I don't understand myself ...
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    Artwork: "But I didn't ASK for critique."

    I think it's rather rare for people to explicitly say '' I DO NOT WANT ANY CRITIQUES'' ;d but of course, if I'd see a disclaimer like that I'd never leave a critique. Otherwise I might say something if I feel like it. However if I do give crits, they are meant to help person improve, and I...
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    So what to do when commission artist runs off?

    As far as I've been told, contract doesn't actually do anyting for you. Because you're not going to sue someone on the other side of the world > <
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    Art si

    Well it depends what are you looking for. Deviantart: I really like it for browsing artwork, however a lot of professional artists seems to be leaving this site. I like it because it's very approachable since there are artworks of all skill levels. It has all the functions that you could want...
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    What Makes You Uncomfortable?

    Anything done to eyes creeps the hell out of me. So gore'y kills like pushing eyes in (thank you very much GoT >_>), cutting them, or even normal things like putting in contact lenses. I just can't look at it for some reason x_X
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    Looking for a sprite and/or faceset

    I had a moment yesterday so I started working on your character. However I'm not sure when will I have time to finish it, so here is a wip. I was trying to make it somewhat MV generator like. Let me know if you have any thoughts on it.
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    Hey People - What do you do when you 're bored?

    Usually watching youtube, or looking for some inspiration on art sites.
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    First RPG game you ever played

    Hah so many people started with final fantasy series :D Same here, I remember seeing final fantasy 7 at my friend's place when I was 11, and I was mind blown that a game can look like that ^ ^ I think that I got it as a gift from my uncle 6 months later, my pc could barely handle it.
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    art dump for now.

    Wow really cool process showcase! Love her mecha gloves. I think that on sketch she had some cool marks on her cheek, where those accidental lines ? Or did you decide to remove them ?
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    Katipunero MV facesets, character and sv sprites

    Shouldn't you describe the characters ? Who are they, how many etc. Or are you just looking for any random Phillipino looking assets ?
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    Custom Sprites and Faceset

    Yes there has been set a post count requirement to access 2 classfield sections, where you can market your work or look to hire people. I belive that it's currently set to 30 posts (however that number seems to be changing every now and then, which is really irritating ... as I ended up...

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