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    Converting a png into a map? (Never used RPG maker before)

    That’s a tile set not a map?...
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    what do "Dark" and "Holy" elements represent in your game?

    I replaced Holy/Dark with Life/Death (where death is a status/drain/debilitation element) for the time being, will see how that turns out...
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    Apply state to enemy if item in inventory?

    Use a troop event (on the troop tab of the database).
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    Elemental weakness dependent on weapon?

    50 + (11*2) - (13*2) = 46 But that's clearly more than 0, so something must be going wrong. What damage does the skill do without the states applied?
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    How long should it take from pressing "Start Game" to player's first battle?

    There’s more to a game than just combat :) as long as the first parts of a game are interesting and capivating I don’t mind waiting for combat. In fact, I hate those “unwinnable” matches that start games sometime. What’s the point playing a fight I can’t win?
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    Yanfly Skill Cost Item Plugin Question and Request

    @Yawgmoth literally the beginning :)
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    Nintendo shuts down Pokemon Essentials

    It’s a real shame this was shutdown, I believe the reason people liked/used it was because it was the closest to ROM hacking as could be but with much more flexible programming. Lots of work was put into it, Pokemon stuff aside, so that’s a shame. It would be great to see someone make a...
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    Yanfly Skill Cost Item Plugin Question and Request

    In the skill’s damage formula add “$gameVariables.setValue(1, $gameVariables.value(1) +1);” Before the rest of your damage formula. Then in the Skill’s note box: <Custom Item Id Cost> cost = $gameVariables.value(1); </Custom Item Id Cost> Ensure you set Variable 1 (or whatever Id you...
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    Friend's version of my game crashes during first fight.

    Are you using any plugins that add animations to attacks. Not likely if only “attack” is the option but, for example, yanfly’s battle core calls animations for physical and magical attacks.
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    RMMV Save the City

    Interesting and unique pixel art :) cool work so far. Will be interesting to find out how the gameplay works, as it seems like more of a challenge to integrate RPG-style battles into a modern era, non-fantasy game.
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    Is there any way to put a skill that decreases money?

    Yanflys skill core page actually has exact examples of this scenario :) you should check it out and try it.
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    How to remove certain party member by party order?

    Or you could just use [1] three times, id imagine.
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    Objects x3

    Sorry that was a blind guess! After checking in my own game, the way you did it originally works fine. You sure the state was given properly?
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    Objects x3

    Try action time 300%
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    Help with simple script call..

    @Bionic687 Hmm what’s the context on setting that variable? Your script call for variable values is correct.

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