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  • Currently enjoying FF7 Remake :biggrin:
    I have to wait till the 10th... sucks to be me. Hope your enjoying it.
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    Philosophus Vagus
    Philosophus Vagus
    I'll wait till you can get the whole game in a complete edition for the price of one whole game rather than three. So...probably be playing it shortly after the third part drops in 2040 or so, going by how long this part took.
    Yeah it's really good! I know I will be wanting to continue the journey when I get to the end! God knows when part 2 will be available I bet coronavirus is going to affect a lot of game development potentially :(
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I based this on the armor of Actor 1_7 of the RTP. Hair is from Derex and Sythian Bard.
Stream will be live shortly! Going to do another art stream tonight so that I can finish my Fauna Focus piece~ Feel free to drop by!
Humans are fallible creatures, we all know that. It's when we're forced to look at ourselves that we start to disagree. :p
Expectation: Working on boss battle.
Reality: "Look at how awful are these code and database organization. Let me clean this mess", *yet, casually adding more modules that I have no idea if I would use it later*
Trying to learn to read Japanese so I read my manga. I like to buy them without all the edits made during translation.

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