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    When one state ends, another begins

    Hey everyone! Hope this finds you well. Soooooo i have an item in my game (beer) which applies a state 100% of the time (drunk, which is an attack buff). What i want to do is when the state 'drunk' is removed, to have a chance to apply a different state (hangover which is a attack de-buff)...
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    Heal all ability targeting

    Hey Andar, thanks for the quick reply. Find those Screenshots attached <3
  3. swindle

    Heal all ability targeting

    Hi everyone! Hope the holidays are treating you well. My question: I have a "heal all" ability. In battle, when used, it still asks you to select a (single) target. However, i also have spells that attack all enemies, and that seems to target all of them automatically. Is there something im...
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    Game crashes when exiting the options menu

    Thank you so much for this detailed reply. I’ll try this next time I can work on the game. Out of curiosity, is this workaround meant to change the way the game saves information? By creating a drive image, this allows you to change permissions that you otherwise aren’t able to in the regular...
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    Game crashes when exiting the options menu

    Plugin list is below. I dont think any of these have anything to do with saving. Is it possible that ticking "exclude unused files" might have caused a problem? or that zipping and unzipping the game could cause an issue? Thanks again <3
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    Game crashes when exiting the options menu

    Hey folks! I've been putting my game out for testing over the last two weeks, and i common problem i am having is that: when players access the options menu in game, they are given an error message and must force quit the game. I've attached a screenshot of the error message. This happens on...
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    Changing Executable's Icon

    Same question, but as a dev using a mac...whats the solution!? Should i try to use wine to open resource hacker? seems like it could be problematic
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    changing game and dock icon

    Hey all! I'm attempting to change the icon that appears in the dock when my game is loaded. I've gone into my img folder and deleted the default icon and replaced it with my own. Mine is the exact same size and file type as the default icon. However the generic RPG Maker Mv icon still pops...
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    Multiple projects at the same time?

    I'd argue that you should really only work on one at a time and write down ideas for future Projects and table them. The biggest problem I've had as a dev is that I start things and don't complete them..which isn't a waste of time as I've learned but still: the idea never saw the light of day...
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    Forcing player to move while still giving them control

    THATS IT!!!! i just needed to add a wait into that event and use conditional checks to move. This is solved. Andar you were very helpful just now, thank you. I'm attaching a screenshot of what ended up working for me.
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    Forcing player to move while still giving them control

    Heres my most recent attempt: tracking button inputs with conditional branches in a parallel event...its still not quite there but its closer to what im trying to achieve...i think.
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    Forcing player to move while still giving them control

    I tried doing it this way just now and it still failed :/ This is the only content in this event, which i am attempting to use to force player movement. this currently has the car not moving at all. if i tick 'wait for completion' the car goes to the left but doesnt take player input.
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    Forcing player to move while still giving them control

    attempted this again today by doing the following created a event set it to parallel set player move speed to 6, frequency to highest, and 'move left' and ticked 'repeat movement' and did not tick 'wait for completion'. the result sucked, as the player cannot control up and down to dodge...
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    Forcing player to move while still giving them control

    right now it looks like this
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    Forcing player to move while still giving them control

    Thanks for your replies! What i ended up doing (perhaps as a temporary fix?) was to have an invisible event set to autorun which sets the player movement speed and frequency to be as fast as possible. This at least added the excitement of speed. But i also want there to be some recklessness...

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