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    TTKOZ Freedom Project MV: New: Binary Data Element Pack

    Consider creating a pateron for your work. People respong poorly to links because they are a hassle. Nice animations by the way. :D
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    N.A.S.T.Y. Replace Window with Picture

    Thanks for hosting your stuff on github, it's much eaiser to keep an eye on updates. Thanks for the hard work! :)
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    Please Help! :( my generator broke!

    Delete the Generator folder, then in steam right click RPG Maker MV, open the properties, go to the local files tab, and: If you have the non-steam version, I'm not sure if reinstalling would fix it. Sorry. :(
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    N.A.S.T.Y. Replace Window with Picture

    Would you consider hosting your new stuff on github? It would make it easier to track updates to your work, and give you a central place to put your stuff! Thanks for the work on this, it makes it much easier to have things look awesome.
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    Wink Generator Parts

    Great edit, smart use of the default resources. It's so easy to add parts, it's great. :D
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    Jtanooki's MV Generator Parts - Updated

    Just as a heads up, your download link links to the example image and not your download! Nice work on extracing those resources! :)
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    Cronus' MV Generator Add-Ons

    Just as a heads up, you have one file called icon_Nose_p010.png when it should be icon_Nose_p10.png. This causes the editor to misplace this nose in the selection list throwing off the choices. For anyone that's downloaded it, just rename the file in the RPG Maker MV\Generator\Variation\Male...

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