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  1. Need Suggestions - A Game with only Normal Attacks

    Helen's Mysterious Castle is specific version of this. You might want check that game out. It's super cheap. Giving weapons vastly different properties like status effects, dodge chance, counter attack chance, resistance/vulnerability vs other weapon types can make this system much deeper...
  2. Totally unofficial thread on RM RPGs you should play

    I'm playing Eternal Twilight right now. It has traditional JRPG formula but combat with way better design (IMO) than traditional JRPGs. One of the few cases where all of great discussions on this forum were actually put into the game and even a finished one! While it has a lot of stats and some...
  3. Making Item-user Class more interesting and fun to play?

    In Makers that have it, you can just use a.pha in the damage formula. This can be used for both items and skills. In the project that never got anywhere, I had this for Alchemist: First Aid skill which scaled of level and pharmacology(and target's current HP), which had a chance to remove some...
  4. Ways to Make Equipment viable throughout a Game

    Giving weapons percentage bonuses, instead of flat bonuses will work well, but if your characters have predefined stats and stats growths, this is gonna' simply make some weapons objectively better on some characters then others(High xATK sword on high ATK character). You can make it Dark Souls...
  5. Hi Guys and Gals

    Thank you. I've noticed before, that some topics return like a boomerang.
  6. Hi Guys and Gals

    Hello! I've been playing RPG Maker games for as long as I have the Internet, even used to have a "totally legit" version of RPG Maker XP, with one demo game before then... Yes, yes piracy is bad, I was a teenager back then and I've probably would never got into RPG maker, if not for my neighbor...

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