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  • Either I'm going full-tilt insane or I got sneezed into a temporal paradox. Swear the 20th was four days ago. When did it become July 31st?ノಠ_ಠノ
    moving close to the speed of light can cause time dilation.
    that's why I take things slow.
    The 20th of which month? If July, maybe you weren't paying attention. If August then there's definitely something weird going on.
    Got bored earlier this morning and threw this together to block off unfinished areas of the ship.
    After a little test with the parallax mapping, found it lags like a cat on a leash. Instead of the original idea to parallax map the entirety of the ship, I guess I'll settle for editing the tilesets. Probably should have done that first. :kaosigh:
    Nearly done with the topmost deck of the SS Astrale Symphonie (she's got a name at last!). Still needs a lot of work but at least now it is vaguely recognizable as a ship deck. Working at a snail's pace but it's coming together. :kaopride:
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    A snail's pace is better than putting it off! At least it'll get finished at some point in the future.
    Couldn't sleep at all so I started working on the topmost deck. I've had to make several deviations from the Imperator/Berengaria's deck-plans to accommodate MV's movement, but 100% accuracy was never my intention.
    Still no name for the poor ship...:kaodes:
    3 to 4 hours into the build, I lost track... Still working on placing all the portholes and the anchor is nearly finished. The green bottom is a placeholder for the dock. Would have gotten further but I accidentally copied all the lower portholes the wrong direction.:kaolivid:

    I must have missed something, are you making a ship to scale to use in a game? If so, I applaud you!
    I do wonder why you chose the SS Imperator/RMS Berengaria specifically tho? Of all ocean liners out there
    cthulhusquid: For the most part. I'm avoiding the most complex areas, but decks A through F should be present and G to a lesser degree.
    Finnuvall: When I learned that Imperator's opulence negatively affected her performance on her maiden voyage I knew that I had to use her as a model.:kaoswt2: That and her sisters were the largest passenger ships until the SS Normadie.
    Beginning to regret my decision to clone the SS Imperator. I knew it was a huge ship, but this is much bigger than I expected. Should have cloned the RMS Mauretania instead... :kaodes:

    This is the D Deck (Ralph for scale), 1st class cabins located at the bow of the ship between the 4th Class promenade and the "De Luxe" suites in the middle of the ship.

    Just finished and uploaded the delivery truck base/sprite sheet. I've been steadily replacing the default assets with early modern alternatives. The air-ship for a biplane, horse-drawn wagon for a delivery truck, and next a sailboat for a steam-powered passenger liner (think of the SS Olympic and RMS Titanic).
    Welp. Just updated the biplane sprite-sheet with the missing "North" and "South" positions. Really digging the old 1920's aircraft designs as of late. Shame they're not in "vogue" anymore. They had style. I wasn't planning on making an Air Mail-centric game but now it is getting awful tempting.
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Hi, I saw you comment a google drive link to add a specific script to a kadowa plugin for battle voices here:

I'd like to add "multiple possible battle voices" for stuff too, can you please let me know what to change cause the link isn't working.

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