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    Stat Checks?

    I never said or even implied that you had to use the information as a practical application. The purpose of your learning is purely entertainment value. So, it has a purpose. At least, to a limited extent. It may not have practical value to your station in life, but it improves your overall...
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    Stat Checks?

    The only insertion I have to say to this is: Sometimes where you set out to go is not really where you wanted to be. Starting down the road is important in that regard. As humans, we frequently think of goals of where we want to be and what we want to be doing and reaching those goals...
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    Stat Checks?

    @Frostorm In regards to theorycrafting... it largely will depend on how the game itself is designed. I can't speak for others (or really even for myself as I'm in dangerously uncharted territory with my own game), but I think if you are designing an overpowered system in which...
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    Stat Checks?

    @Frostorm I guess you never heard of Roll20? Fantasy Grounds? :D Or even basic message boards? D&D and Tabletops can be played online and often are. They still count. The problem is that you wanted to turn the discussion into one about semantics. Wanted to prove me wrong on the basis of a...
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    Stat Checks?

    @Frostorm You're too hung up on the definitions rather than the mechanics. To the point that it's literally blinded you to the point I already made twice and you didn't address. It is an MMO mechanic and even in D&D, it's an MMO mechanic. MMO being the genre rather than the literal...
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    Stat Checks?

    Probably because I didn't add any details and left it as vague as possible. The underlying concept is that "any team can overcome any challenge". Bring a team of all mages and you can still tackle every combat encounter. You might have to swap out some gear to do it, but it's possible. The...
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    "Be as honest as you possibly can as often as you can. It makes your lies much easier to believe."

    "Be as honest as you possibly can as often as you can. It makes your lies much easier to believe."
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    Stat Checks?

    This is most of my issue with Skill Checks. Not that they announce the failure. But, they also announce success conditions. Not only that, but even if they're "hidden", then you have guides that pop up from other players telling you how to access those "hidden checks". This isn't typically...
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    Stat Checks?

    This is only partially true. Some people are crafting games based on numerical rules. Others are crafting games based on more than a Progression system. For example, much of my combat uses stats, but those stats aren't all that important, and aren't freely handed out. I'm crafting an actual...
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    Stat Checks?

    Honestly, I only use it for two things. It's never really made sense to me in an RPG to have a "stat check" that the player can see and savescum around or whatever. Feels very "meta". The two instances I use it in: Lockpicking Chests. Pillaging Chests. Lockpicked chests have 5 possible...
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    How Many Encounters?

    Honestly, for me... it depends on what your battle system is. If your battle system is entirely built around stats... I only want like 10 or less encounters per dungeon. Why? I've already grinded my level to be more than enough to curb stomp your content anyway. I've already burned myself...
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    With my limited skillset, it would basically have to be something with a wide variety of...

    With my limited skillset, it would basically have to be something with a wide variety of instruments and an ability to just write "sheet music" that would play. I can't actually write sheet music, but given an editor that would let me "test" the sounds, I would be able to compose fairly easily...
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    Every so often, I'm tempted to make music for RPG Maker, but really with the lack of skill I...

    Every so often, I'm tempted to make music for RPG Maker, but really with the lack of skill I actually have, I'd need a program that basically just let me add my own instruments, it synthesized them for me, and I just essentially write "sheet music" for it. I'm pretty sure something like that...
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    Ding! & Level Caps

    99. Honestly, I don't expect players to reach it, but it exists if they're "completionists" or whatever. Not as much as other games. The one game uses each level up as a simple "unlock" point for things. New Quests, New Shops, Shortcuts around the map. Things of that nature. "Indirect...

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