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    What sort of voices do ya need?

    What sort of voices do ya need?
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    FREE Looking for a Psychological Horror Story writer! (Vague Story already existing)

    I'm fairly competent at writing and I have worked on a few psychological horror (and just plain horror) stories. I have one completely written that just needs a few more revisions before being perfect (In my eyes) as well as one plot that I am working to flesh out. If you wanted I could send...
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    Custom Hero Character Creation System

    I wish I could watch this! It sounds super interesting.
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    How to Publish an RPG Maker Game on Steam

    This is so useful! thank you! I'll be sure to refer to this again when I launch a game in the future.
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    What's your one favorite thing about RPG Maker Engine?

    My favorite (and only) RPG engine is MV. I really like the character generator, I like being able to somewhat customize how a character looks even though I myself am not very good at drawing people and faces. It makes it a little easier to make your game your own!
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    Yanfly Message Core plug in partially works

    It worked like a charm!
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    Yanfly Message Core plug in partially works

    Oh that looks great! (I'm very new to this so I didn't even think about switching around where things went). I'll try it out! Thanks!
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    Yanfly Message Core plug in partially works

    Oh also, In addition to the response above, in case it wasn't clear, the name is in a name text box above the actual text box (if that may be part of the problem). Also, the coloring works on regular words (not name box).
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    Yanfly Message Core plug in partially works

    I took a screenshot of the resulting look but the website wont let me upload it. But basically it didn't put the name in purple like it shows in the preview (it shows up in default yellow).
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    Title font change worked and then not?

    I don't have any plugins that deal with font other than what was mentioned in the video (Yanfly message core and Yanfly Core Engine). But that doesn't matter because I just re-did everything again and its magically working. So I have no clue what happened. I think I'll still get the Yanfly...
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    Resource Blacklist - The resources you should definitly not use

    This is good information to have. Thank you for compiling this list!
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    Haha maybe! I'm still waiting for then I guess lol

    Haha maybe! I'm still waiting for then I guess lol
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    RMVXA EMPTY HEAD [Psychological Horror - Mystery]

    I can't wait to play this! (just gotta finish up finals week tho :/ )
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    Event One Map Game Challenge

    I'm new so this is a great place to start!

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