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  • Oh boy... It is too long. Too long for the last visit. Things got a bit busy over here :D  School application and music music music...
    We have a funny saying in Finland: "Onwards! Said the granny in the snow!" It tells you to keep going regardless of hinders and obstacles. Can you imagine your granny fighting through a snow storm? =D
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After hearing Wataten's opening several times and knowing what this anime is about, I don't think I like moe anymore.
So I am working on a big DLC package for my game.... and it will add a new intro and extend the ending of the base game, while of course adding additional content to the game... Yeah, that should work! lol
I'm stuck, I'm making some of Mr. N's Dialogue but I can't finish his full Dialogue...heres what I got now [this is the part I'm stuck on] "You treat me like a
bug, I'M SICK OF IT, you had me make these...abominations...well, now..." and at the "Well, now...' part I'm stuck at, anyone got Ideas?

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