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    AitorEngine- Grid Inventory System

    I know, mee too, cuz that i learned js and started to make it myself, but it's been 1.5Years, whats 1or 2 weeks more? if you want to be a oficial first hand beta tester may be in 2 or 3 days i provide you whit a pre-alpha demo, but at least i need to fix the bugs that my dirty code cause...
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    AitorEngine- Grid Inventory System

    Even if i didn't show the bugs in the videos, they exist, the plugin actually isn't usable, i haven't made the configs yet, soo you arent going to advance whit it, the game crashes whit it actually, (i'm working on that actually), and to call the scene im using script, its only on the...
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    AitorEngine- Grid Inventory System

    Heee not, this plugin isn mandatory for game making, is possible to include this on the very end of a game soo i didnt see why anyone is going to want this faster This plugin isnt even at it 20% of devolopment Im going to make it myself, i dindt see why anyone is going to help me or why i am...
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    AitorEngine- Grid Inventory System

    mmm, im going to keep my layout but maybe in the future i make different layouts whit addons The icon size i resized to 42*42, but its going to be an option, but resize it to more than 42 dont look great, and 32 its too small thats because i use 42 but in fact if you have an bigger iconset i...
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    AitorEngine- Grid Inventory System

    The images obiously yes, the background of each window can be replaced whit an image i even can think about show a bigger image like that slingshot in a addon for the plugin, but the whole background think is going to be default fully custom
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    AitorEngine- Grid Inventory System

    Its possible, i didnt done it yet cuz lazyness and because its a minor detail not a mechanic, i still need to do things like provide events whit their own inventory and make it accesible by other scene... like... minecraft chest maybe and to do the grid shops...  The only problem i have is the...
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    Grid based Inventory system?

    Im too working on this so i too post
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    [REQUEST/Suggestion] Grid based Inventory system

    at the end im making one myself
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    AitorEngine- Grid Inventory System

    UPDATED: -now you can consume items -now you can equip items -bugs resolved added sounds
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    AitorEngine- Grid Inventory System

    UPDATE: Still too WIP to provide js plugin to test, sorry Sorry for my bad english, not used to write not programming things in it Features(on relase): -Grid Inventory -A very Useful scene whit inventory, equipment, actors state -You can drag consumable items to actors to use on that...
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    EIS - Grid Inventory [Updated: Script Files Available ]

    tsk.... i'm working too in a grid inventory, but not that way, the idea that i have is different from what are you doing so i think im going to keep working on it.,.. from other point of view is better to the comunity to have multiple plugins doing the same thing in different ways just...
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    LvL Stop

    these are script calls, one is to use in conditional script to check it and other in normal script call to lvl up the character, i made up this in that way cuz the diference in dificulty and from use a plugin and script call in this case is 0, and a script call is more versatile than a plugin...
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    LvL Stop

    This plugin make one thing, stop the system from leveling up the player when the xp reaches the level required xp, also stop gain xp, also let you check if the player have all the xp, to level up it manually. how to use it? thats your decision to check if has all the...
  14. takashi1kun

    JavaHut's Particles (with CloudKid's pixi-particles) (3rd Plugin)

    Is not really much, just a oversized rain efect, it uses the rain particle JSON: Particle Image:

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