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  1. Key Items Tab and Weather Effect script

    Folks, two questions: First question:      Is there any way to make a "Key Items" tab in the command menu that show only the key items? Second question:      What are the best Weather Effects scripts?
  2. [Question] Dual Tech

    Unfortunately I have not found any script I could use without having to change the TSBS. The solution I found was to use an addon of Theolized using summons. When I use a summon, I can control the actions in parallel. Thanks a lot for the help. :) Moderator, can close the question, please. 
  3. [Question] Dual Tech

    So, I tried. The problem is that it depends not only on 'Victor Engine - Basic Module' but also the 'Victor Engine - Animated Battle'. if I use the Animated Battle, the other script (TSBS) will break, right? Anyway, I've tested with and without Animated Battle, above and below the TSBS and...
  4. Theolized Sideview Battle System (In Game Editor + Version 2 Coming Soon)

    Folks, is there any way to make the target perform an action? Like [:action, id] but for the enemy?
  5. [RMVXAce] Two actors use skill at same time

    Heirukichi, thank you for answer. Are you talking about script, right? If yes, to be honest, I'm very weak in this area. I limit myself to pick up the already ready. : T Otherwise, ignore my review. xD I opened an issue in scripting area. Link:
  6. [Question] Dual Tech

    Hello guys, Admin I'm sorry if I am posting in the wrong area. If the wrong area, please let me know. I'm looking for a Dual Tech script. Like in Chrono Trigger: I am using the core YANFLY and TSBS (Theolized Sideview Battle System). I tried to use the Cooperation Skills...
  7. [RMVXAce] Two actors use skill at same time

    People, is there any way to make two actors use their skills at the same time? Like in Chrono Trigger?  

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