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    Slow Cutscenes

    I did an interesting experiment once. I was told the narrative at the start of my RPG was slow, and it took to long to "get to the action". I didn't believe it, so I compared the number of words in my RPG's opening to the number of words in the opening of Disgaea and Tales of Symphonia. Turns...
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    VNMaker Community Review of IGMC 2017 Contest

    Yeah, after having spoken with Sin extensively via PMs, I think I get where he's coming from. He was just sorta acting like Indrah, where he was joking around a lot and talking smack about stuff. I get the idea he didn't realize that if he had colored text, he would be taken seriously, despite...
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    VNMaker Community Review of IGMC 2017 Contest

    Please note that I specifically complement the blunt honesty both at the end of my post and in the "Pros" section of my post. I just don't condone the part in the middle, which doesn't contain any actionable or useful feedback. I can ignore people who rage at my game without justifying their...
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    VNMaker Community Review of IGMC 2017 Contest

    Pros: - Time. I like the length; a month is long enough to make a good game, but short enough that you can crunch pretty much the whole time without burning out. - Judge feedback. It's really useful to know what they did and didn't like, and the constructive criticism (for me at least) was...
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    RMMV All IGMC2017 votes and results in a spreadsheet

    I'm not going to lie: I think you're on the right track, frogboy, but if you think you can take it easy because you have a simple concept/premise, you'll be disappointed. We got third place, and our battle system is stupid simple, our plot is barely present, our graphics are RTP, and our...
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    RMMV All IGMC2017 votes and results in a spreadsheet

    @Nicola Average score doesn't matter, only total score does. Assume, for instance, this hypothetical scenareo: - Judge #1 and #2 both play game A and both give it a 55, then play game B and give it a 60. - Game A doesn't make it to the next round so it ends with only two scores, with an...
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    RMMV All IGMC2017 votes and results in a spreadsheet

    Given that you highlighted Final winter, you should also highlight Recondite, which has the same score as mine and also tied for third. Not sure why your scraper didn't catch that. Also if people haven't seen it, the Official top ten went up here, and it 1-1 matches the scores entered by the...
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    RMMV How do you feel about your game looking back?

    Ours is Final Winter: What would you change about your game? - There's a chest in map 1-2 that, by the time you are able to access it, has junk in it you'd not care about. I'd axe it. - RNG protection: If you get two consecutive runs with no additional progress, you get a guaranteed artifact...
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    Preload Manager

    Is 1.1.1 still the latest version? Because man, I ran into show-stopping bugs within minutes, and had to dig into the code to fix them. First off: The exception handler at line 242 crashes when triggered because "use strict" is on and "e" is undefined. (To fix, change line to "var e = ..."...
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    Found assets for sale online.. turns out they weren't legit.

    Don't feel too bad. This sort of thing happens. It hasn't happened to me, but the guys who did 7 Days to Die purchased a zombie asset from the Unity asset store, and then found themselves DMCAd by the guys who made "Killing Floor". Turns out a crook just put the zombie asset up for sale on the...
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    Speeding RPGMaker Development: What are YOUR tricks?

    Making RPGs takes a long time, obviously. This was fine when I was in school, but now that I have a full time job and make RPGs on the side, I've found it takes more time than I'd like to make RPGs, and I need to come up with ways to save time. I'm betting we all have certain tricks or tools to...
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    Color Coded Treasure Chests? Exciting or Boring?

    Oh hey, you're one of the guys that did Aveyond? How did I not know this? My wife loved those games. Anyway, yeah, it worked well there, too. Other games have similar features, such as Tales of Zestiria's silver/gold chests. But I think the purpose there was to make players feel better about...
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    Player Dialogue Fatigue: Measured in words or "next" presses?

    The one playtester who mentioned he was annoyed said he liked the writing and thought it was clever, but he was annoyed because he was eager to get through the text and learn the battle mechanics. He was about four windows of dialogue away from doing so. This tells me that I need to make my...
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    Player Dialogue Fatigue: Measured in words or "next" presses?

    So, if a player is subjected to too much text without exploration/combat/etc to break it up, they become fatigued and miss important details in conversations, get bored and skip it, or (in the worst case) quit playing. Thus we want to keep text as concise as possible without skipping important...
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    Color Coded Treasure Chests? Exciting or Boring?

    Color codes aren't the only way to do it. Dark Cloud (PS2) had large and small chests for weapons and consumables. The Zelda franchise has large and small chests too. (The "big improvements" that gated progression, such as the hookshot or boomerang, tended to be in large chests. Optional chests...

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