Trying to make my first dl game. Hopefully, people will like and not tell me to go back to my non-existent day job. I'm trying to make it funny, fun and interesting. Despite being filled with spelling and grammar errors, and my complete lack of computer skills. With any luck, I can sell my game. I still have the original RPG Maker. With my first game on several memory cards. The intro was about a half-hour worth of little action and lots of text. I had my friend who was a computer program play it. 25 minutes into the intro he turned to me and said, "We can't be friends anymore." Then moved away. So I tried to make my intro into my new game only a few minutes long. But still attempting to make my characters have more emotions than an emoji. He is the grumpy one. She is the shy one. She is the flirty one. He is the one that thinks he is the comic relief. But it is about as funny as a bus full of nuns plowing into a school filled with orphans. The characters in my game are ones from the stories I wrote. So no you don't have the option to change their names to things like Butt Sniffer, Leg Humper, Barf Eater and Resting ***** Face. And yes, I am surrounded by dogs all the time. No, they are not mine. With my game, I was aspiring to make a dark humor, mystery, and horror theme. But I'll be lucky if it's as scary as scooby-doo. https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/dance-of-the-damned.74973/
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aspiring game maker, Teller of bad dad jokes.
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making games,stories and jokes.
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