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    My Classical Era Resources - Mostly battlers

    Since there wasn't many Ancient Roman graphics for my game, i decided to give a try and do it myself. I know these aren't top quality resources but i am quite happy with the final result. I made these for my game, but since i almost never finish any of my rpg maker games, i though why not share...

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Decided to focus on mapping for once. I've pumped out 15* new maps over the past two days' work, including two larger ones that involved some kinda fancy parallax stuff.

*should actually be 17 by the end of the night.
its been a while help
About to go live with a drawpile stream! Me and some fellow artists will be drawing things based off of prompts!
If I post an item for sale on fb for $750 and say it's in excellent condition, what is going through someone's mind to make them think it is remotely acceptable to offer $300 for it?
Well if you're going to create a JRPG, learn from the best. DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition purchased ^-^

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