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    Flare Collection: Notification

    I found one bug, If I set "Display Item Notifications Event?" to false, It keeps showing "party gains..."
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    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Yay Yanfly! How it is going? I suppose you are very busy with all of us asking you for support around five hundred millions times a day... xDD sorry, I think your work is really exciting! (you are awesome *3*)   I was thinking on the world and its mysteries... and I returned to Yanfly Ace...
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    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Thank you Yanfly <33
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    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Heya Yanfly!~ *w* I love your ATB system plugun, I use since you made it and I think is the most reliable of all ATB I’ve seen so far for MV. Anyway, I would like to see some Lunatic Mode Notetags or functions as addons (T_T) to control the flow of battle… for example: – Skill charge. By...
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    [Released]Side Effects Control

    I'm using Yanfly scripts for everything, and I test a lot your script and... it's amazing and works fine, except the issue I told you hahaha For ATB is perfect, but when you use "turn end" doubles the effect: first when the user attacks and second when the turn ends... I solved this by this...
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    Ratio in skill description

    Bump this x'D I hope you'll fix it soon :(
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    Skill Links

    That's perfect, thanks!
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    [Released]Side Effects Control

    Omg... amazing... I can't say anything else. I'm testing every tag right now. It's perfect, great job. EDIT: I found a bug on <before/after enemy action start>; after my side effect /I use Fire before it/, the action is not realized. EDIT 2: Some note tags (turn start, turn end... are used...
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    Skill Links

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    Equip Skill System

    @Moogle_X Thank you, I'll try to tell her to do that
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    Skill Links

    Bum bum bum
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    Equip Skill System

    Moogle_X, you're doing a really good job adding the new features that everybody is requesting you! Thank you so much <3 By this way, I'm using a class change plugin, and yanfly learn system, but I would like the skill pool just show the skills that class have learn, and when I change class, all...
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    Skill Links

    I have been using Hime's Skill Link script for RPG Maker VX Ace, and I'm wondering if someone could rewrite it to javascript.   Also, this amazing addon to check some really good conditions: [-_>[-_>[-_>[-_>
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    Overtime Effects (States)

    Could you add a Method to evaluate how many times has been applied the effect? it would be useful to make overtime effects that apllies the effect each 3 ticks, for example
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    [S] Counter / Gauge States.

    Bump, EDIT: Solved by myself. If someone could teach me how to display gauges and some advanced Javascript, 'll be a diligent student.

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