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    What's the WORST advice you can give as a game developer?

    Your MMORPG sounds totally plausible as your first project.
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    "Footstep" feature

    Galv's Region effects.
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    [POLL] Male or Female Protagonist

    True. But the problem is that there is too many unrelatable sex appeal characters, but that's a discussion for a different time. A video game not revolving around a woman's body would be nice.
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    [POLL] Male or Female Protagonist

    Now here's the question though, do people mean "a good well-rounded female protag" or "sexual object for men".
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    Button Press Activating Two Events

    I think Self Switches are the only way I can think of, as no other way will make sure the event doesn't replay (Erase Event only works once and will still replay every time you re-enter that room).
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    Evented Action Battle System Help

    I'm very sorry. I thought in the rules it said we could bump our post every 72 hours. My apologies.
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    Megaman styled platforming?

    It has a lot of limitations in it that Unity wouldn't have, but that's not to say that it can't make a good game. It can just be very... frustrating. Kevin Frost has a good set of tutorials on Youtube here {x}, and, if you know Portuguese (or if you use Google Translate), MayLeone has excellent...
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    Megaman styled platforming?

    Khas' Arc Engine. Forewarning though that it is difficult to use and I would not recommend it for beginner users.
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    Movies Wont Play

    .Ogv is Theora I believe and Ace should be able to play it (It's the only format Ace will play). Do you have a fadeout but forgot to fade in? That would make the sound work but not the movie to show.
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    Evented Action Battle System Help

    Thank you. This solved how the health and enemies would work properly. Also, I figured out how to show the character attacking with animation so I don't help with that anymore. I just have one more question. How do I set Player X and Y for the pink area so that if the pink area hits an enemy...
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    Evented Action Battle System Help

    Thank you for reading this. First I must say that I cannot use a ABS script because Khas' Arc Engine (a platformer script) overwrites too much movement. Khas said so themself (Trust me I wish it weren't true.) I wanted to try something for an ABS that will make it look more fluid, but I'm not...
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    Eventing a Pause Screen

    I saw that, but unfortunately that only shows how to show a single picture to loop when I need something that will allow me to have a pause menu with options. Thank you though.
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    Is there a way to Center text on message boxes?

    Many many message scripts will have that ability. Yanfly's Message System is probably the most popular.

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